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My Earnings for September 2018

September 30, 2018

Catagraph sent me $30 to my PayPal account.

MySurvey sent me 2 x $5 Woolworths eGift Card.

Surveyvillage sent me a $20 eGift Card.

Octopus Group sent me a $20 eGift Card.

Univox sent me $US15 to my PayPal account about $A20.

Swagbucks sent me $U25 to my PayPal account about $A34.

MyOpinions sent me $20 to my PayPal account.

Pureprofile sent me $35 to my bank account.

Valued Opinions sent me a $20 Woolworths eGift Card.

Thar makes $209 for September 2018.

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  1. Anna permalink

    Thanks for the Catagraph link, giving them a go. I tried Opinion Bureau but they’ve been pretty infuriating (any queries I made were answered in…Italian. Which made things a bit difficult). Did you persist with them? Cheers

    • Hi Anna,
      It took me about a year to reach the minimum cash out of $30 at Catagraph.Most surveys i get from Catagraph are about how many parcels i get delivered each month, so getting bit bored of the same surveys all the time. Opinion Bureau mainly send Business to Business surveys, i have been paid once by them but it took years to get enough points to cash out then a few months to actually receive the money.

  2. Hi seems like you did well that month, I’m wondering if you have ever tried Timebucks? I can send you the link if you would like

    • Hi Survey Man,
      I have tried Timebucks, but found that their is not enough surveys to make it worth continuing with. I can get most of the same surveys at Clixsense and Univox Community, so i will stick with those sites

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