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Pureprofile Review

Pureprofile is one of the better survey sites around for Australians. They have higher paying surveys than most other survey sites and you do normally get paid 10 cents if you don’t qualify.

To make the most of this site log into your Pureprofile account each day and check your feed to what surveys are available. Surveys normally pay from 20 cents to $5.

Pureprofile pay you in real money not in a complicated points system like so many other survey panels.

Pureprofile Fast Facts

Open to Australians who are over 13 years of age

Refer a friend: Earn up to $20 for each friend that signs up

Payout: Direct Debit, Movie Tickets, eGift Cards

Non Qualify: 10 cents

Minimum Payout: $20

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  1. Gabrielle permalink

    Pure Profile is one of my favourites. It’s really easy to use with the ‘next’ button and the website has a nice layout. It’s good that you get money even if you don’t qualify, though maybe they’ve changed it because I sometimes only get .05 cents. I like that what you’ve earned shows in actual dollars too not points.

    • Hi Gabrielle,
      Pureprofile is also one of my favorite survey sites, you seem to get .05 cents on surveys you have already done before and 20 cents on surveys you haven’t tried before but don’t qualify. I would like to be able to withdraw more than $25 per month on pure profile though.

  2. nancy permalink

    purprofile is not as good as it look! It will only allow you cash out $50 every 60 days!! Recently, I did a full survey, took time and effort to answer all the questions honestly and when the client conducting the research didn’t like my answers, purprofile paid me NOTHING for my time and effort! When I complained, they basically said tough luck. be careful with them.

  3. Margaret Hambly permalink

    I love Pure Profile. Its unfortunate that they only let you take out $50 every 60 days but the pay is good for the surveys, its worth it. I have over 150 in my account right now. I have been taking out a flexi card each 2 months and will use them all over Christmas. Fantastic.

  4. steve permalink

    Pure was one of the more trusted sites now they too have been cancelling accounts leading up too Christmas…..They say OOps! problem with your account then they ask for ID such as Licences and already have my bank accounts and mobiles….with no explanation….Did not honour my $50 Redemption which takes a month to receive payment….They also cancel my accumulated credit another $40, thats $90 have scammed me and not paid up…..

  5. Hi steve,
    I have never heard of Pureprofile asking for peoples licenses, apart from the slow payment from Pureprofile i have never had any problems with them.

  6. Ned Brovloski permalink

    You can do plenty of surveys but can only redeem every 60 days regardless of how much you have accumilated in your account, seems more like a SCAM

    • Hi Ned Brovloski,
      Pureprofile iis not a scam a have been paid many time from them. Its $50 maximum you can withdraw from Pureprofile in a 60 day period, what i do is withdraw $25 every 30 days.

  7. Debbie permalink

    What is going on with Pureprofile? This used to be a reliable survey site for receiving a bank deposit in a timely manner. The last time I redeemed it took 5 weeks to get my money. I have just recently redeemed again two weeks ago and again am still waiting for my money. Prior to this I would have the money in my bank account withn 7 days or even less.

    • Hi Debbie,
      Apparently they changed to a different payment system a few months ago, which can only process so many bank deposits each day, well thats what they say. I have already been waiting about 4 weeks for my last payment.

  8. Kirstie permalink

    Pure profile is a scam. I tried to redeem a reward. Three weeks and I still haven’t received the reward even though the money has been deducted from my total in the app. I have contacted them multiple times, once I got told they had no record of me redeeming a reward, I sent them a screenshot of the transactions and got no reply. The second time they said they had manually refunded my account – they hadn’t. Since then they’ve just not responded. Absolute scam

    • Hi Kirstie.
      Pureprofile say to allow 30 business days to receive payment, they have always paid me but its always slow. Hope you receive your payment soon.

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