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Surveys That Pay Cash

Cash is a very popular reward choice because you can use it for whatever you like. The list below includes survey sites that pay with cash directly into your bank account.

Earn cash with Australia's highest paying survey site - Octopus Group Octopus Group is a top Australian survey site, shaking up the survey panel industry in Australia by offering the highest paying surveys for Australia.
Once you have earned $20 you can get paid directly into your bank account.

Turn your opinions and ideas into real cash rewards at Pureprofile, rewards include cash into your bank account and gift cards.

Pureprofile is a good survey site where you will get plenty of surveys, you will even get a small payment for the surveys which you are screened out from. Once you have reached $20 you can request payment to your bank account. Well worth joining because of the frequent surveys you will get at Pureprofile.

  1. Cynthia Press permalink

    I have been with Pure Profile for over 4 years. Did you know that you can not withdraw all you points. They hold a certain amount. I think it is about $80 that you can not access. You have to build up to at least $50 above what they hold back to redeem. I have no idea why we can not redeem all our points or why they hold such a large amount of points back

    • Hi Cynthia,
      Once you have earned $20 with Pureprofile you can withdraw, not sure why you cant withdraw all your earnings, try signing out and back in to your account, if that doesn’t work try contacting Pureprofile support.

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