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Survey Village Review

Survey Village did away with the points system in Mid January 2016 and now uses a dollar system, so its very easy to see exactly how much each survey is worth.

Survey Village is one of my favorite survey panels as they have regular well paying surveys, and they pay you 10 cents if you don’t qualify for a survey.

Survey Village now offers eGift Cards as a reward option starting at $20.

eGift Cards for Woolworths, PlayStation Network, iTunes, David Jones, X-Box, Kogan, Wish Gift Card, Coles Gift Card. Chemist Warehouse Gift Card., Big W Gift Card, Domino's Gift Card, Amaysim Gift Card

Survey Village Fast Facts

Open to Australians and New Zealanders aged 16 years and over

Refer a friend: Up to $10 per friend you refer

Payout: eGift Cards

Non Qualify: 10 Cents

Minimum Payout: $20

  1. Simone Tang permalink

    This one is a scam. I was doing it for years. Last July my points were up at the 12500 mark. Today, it is down at the 3200 mark. I now find out after years of my points accumulating, that they expire after 18 months. That’s 9000 points (about $70.00) down the drain. No warning – just a change in the terms and conditions. Nothing about it in the FAQs. There was no warning that the points were expiring. How hard would it be to automate a warning system? Any company that doesn’t do that nowadays is basically choosing not to. And where do the lost points go? Straight into the pocket of the owner (?Penny Wong). No offer to give it to charity either. Just a pompous reply saying that “we advise people to redeem their points regularly”. Actually, no such advice was received. Nor is there anything that I can see on the website about this “advice”. They are happy to just pocket the profits.

    • Penny permalink

      Hi Simone – my understanding is that we resolved this issue for you and refunded your expired points. There is information regarding the expiration of points in the T & C. Since you are still a continuing member of surveyvillage I trust that all is running smoothly again. 🙂 Penny @ surveyvillage

  2. Hi Simone, i have earned many rewards through survey village, its not a scam. In the terms and conditions it does state that after 18 months un-redeemed points will expire. I would recommonded to everyone to redeem there points as soon as they have the required amount for there chosen reward to avoid losing points.

    • Melissa Kimber permalink

      They changed their terms and conditions without notice and didnt give members a chance to redeem their points. You had to accept their new terms before logging into your account again. Secondly the points that are given per survey that are required to redeem any reward are not always possible to collect in 18 months so people need to be aware if they dont get enough points in 18 months they will loose their points without reward and will have completely wasted their time. Sorry but I agree with simone.

    • Penny permalink

      Thanks Aussie Online Surveys for your support too!

    • Marie van doorn permalink

      What happens if we havent accumated enough to cash out & no surveys available to bring it to $20 but our 18 months is coming up.

      • Hi Marie van doorn,
        The condition of losing your points after 18 months seems to be removed from the Surveyvillage terms and conditions, but it would be wise to check with them to make sure.

  3. Melissa Kimber permalink

    Survey village recently changed their terms and conditions without notice causing many members to lose points they had been saving for years then proceeded to cancel accounts of people who compained about this on facebook. I wouldn’t recommend them to my worst enemy.

  4. Hi Melissa, im sorry you had a bad experience with survey village, i have always had good experiences with this panel and have made many successful redemptions. I would advise anyone who is a member of survey village or anyone who joins survey village to redeem as soon as they have enough points, i would advise people to redeem as soon as you have enough points with all survey panels to hopefully avoid losing points.

  5. Penny permalink

    Hi Melissa – I believe we dealt with the issue you had which in fact was not you but your mother in law who was compensated. The reason we cancelled your account was due to the type of comments you made which were rather offensive. I think we felt that our working relationship was no longer viable but we wish you well for the future. Penny @ surveyvillage

  6. Melissa Kimber permalink

    In your email it stated that our account was cancelled because of the complaint that we made on behalf of my mother in law. The reason we made this complaint is because she already contacted your website and was told too bad too sad. Our comments on facebook were not offensive and were definitely not the only ones that were made by other customers who also expressed disappointment. I have the email that was sent by your staff as proof of the reasons you gave so I would like to challenge you on your statement. Im also happy for anyone to contact me for evidence of this as I still have the email. 🙂 I dont appreciate the implication of your comment and as our facebook comments have been deleted I really have no way of proving otherwise. But I do still have that email :). For anyone reading yhis, there are lots of honest survey companies out there so maybe try one of those and avoid survey village.

  7. Melissa Kimber permalink

    These terms and conditions were changed without members being notified and given a chance to cash in their points :). I think thats what simone is saying.

  8. Melissa Kimber permalink

    The reason my mother in law was compensated was because I caused a fuss on Facebook and I can assure you there was nothing offensive about my comments other than my threat to report you to the ACC lol which we did….im sorry if you were offended by that I can understand why youd delete my comments though wouldnt want anyone else getting the same idea.

  9. Linda permalink

    Glad I was referred to this site for more info on Survey Village which confirms my opinion of them. I tried to get more information on their Only1 Visa rewards as where I live the shopping is very limited for the gift cards they offer. I found the lack of information on their website to be alarming, there is nowhere that contains information on what shops actually accept Only1 Visa & who pays the fees on that along with the gift cards they offer. When I questioned them about it they gave me only partially correct information & I have spoken with some that had their accounts closed without warning when they dared to complain. Not to mention a change of terms & conditions causing points over 18 months old to expire.
    Reasons why I will not be joining them & others should consider before you make a decision to join or not:
    1. Lack of rewards such as Paypal, cash payment by direct deposit or cheque, Woolworths or Coles giftcards, Amazon vouchers.
    2. Lack of transparency of the fees they charge or pass on in regards to giftcards & the Only1 visa card, points expire after 18 months. Claims that they pay more than other survey sites but seem to forget to mention the fees & admin charges they deduct.
    3. Giving me only partially correct misleading information when I posed a genuine & polite question on their Facebook page.

    Correct if I am wrong in any of this as I spent quite some time researching them before forming an opinion since there are many scam sites out there & I had no intention of wasting my time in joining any after past experiences. There are plenty of other quality survey websites that reward their members far better & no fees at all involved, don’t get conned by this company because they don’t provide all the information you need to make a good choice. If you are happy to have your payment reduced due to fees & admin charges then by all means go for it, but do your self a favor by looking closely at the other better known companies that have a good reputation for caring about their members & are generous in their rewards.

    • Hi Linda, im sorry you had a bad experience with survey village, in regards to the visa 1 gift card survey village offers it as a reward and doesnt have any say on who will or wont accept it. You can find out more about the Visa 1 Gift card by clicking here. The visa 1 gift card is accepted at most merchants that accept credit cards including online merchants the main restriction is woolworths group stores are currently not accepting the visa one gift card. Fees apply for checking balance via phone and transactions in currency other than Australian dollars, these fees are charged direct to the visa 1 gift card, not by survey village.

      Survey Village although doesnt offer paypal or direct debit at this stage, there are plenty of other rewards to choose from such as EB Game Cards, Dymocks gift cards, Mitre 10 Gift cards, Event 1, Village & Hoyts Gift cards, Rebel Sports Gift Cards, Itunes gift cards, Sanity Gift Cards, Jay Jay gift cards, Sports girl gift cards, Jeans west gift cards, Super Cheap gift cards, Myer Gift Cards, Sussan gift cards, Peter Alexanderer Gift Cards, The Good Guys Gift Cards, Smiggle Gift cards, ABC Shop Gift Cards, Adrenalin Gift cards, Only 1 Visa Prepaid Gift Cards, AMF Gift Cards, BCF Gift Cards, Diva Gift Cards, Bras & Things Gift Cards, Toys r us gift cards. Many of these cards can also be used online for purchases.

      Also Survey Village is one of the few sites which pay some points when you are screened out as for admin fees im not aware that survey village charge these. Just remember to cash out your points before 18 months with survey village and you shouldnt have any problems.

  10. Hi Aussie Online Survey – Thanks for the wonderful job in creating a site which we all can refer to avoid carrying out surveys and only to discover that you get nothing for your valuable input. I was about to sign up to this survey website and after reading Simone & Melissa experiences; I truly emphatize with them. I understand how it must have felt for them as surveys really take time and drain your brain. I felt exhausted after doing many surveys in a day as I try my best to provide answer in an honest way. Therefore, I believe that Survey Village should at least send them an email to advise them to redeem at least close to expiry and even if they fail to redeem, the points should be donated on behalf on the person and not goes to the survey site! At least, this will help the owner of the account feel better that they had at least contributed their time to a good cause.
    Penny, just a piece of advice – I personally think that Melissa & Simone should not have to go to great length to get back their points as they have worked for it and they deserve to keep their points. That’s what I call a good customer service and at least, it will also help with the reputation of your website. Anyway, it is just my 2 cents worth of opinion and hope you can take it gracefully. No insult intended….

    • Hi Jo.
      Im pleased you like my site and i hope you can share my site with your family and friends.
      Survey Village is still one of my favourite sites, i know a few members had problems with expiring points at Survey Village, but Survey Village is a genuine survey site where you will get interesting surveys and is one of the few which give you some points if you are screened out. I recommended no matter what survey site you have joined as soon as you have enough points for a reward, make sure you redeem to avoid losing points. Its up to you but i hope you will consider giving Survey Village a go as its one of the better survey sites.

  11. Michael permalink

    I wonder why Surveyvillage does not offer digital gift cards (such as Itunes gift code or virtual visas, etc). Other survey panels are now offering these.

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