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Univox Community

Univox Community is denying my payments, don’t join Univox Community unless you want low paying surveys and denied payments.

Surveys at Univox Community normally only take 10 minutes maximum and you are rewarded from 50 to 100 points for most surveys. Plus if you are screened out you are rewarded up to 5 points.

Once you join Univox Community you will become a basic user and will need 2500 points before you can make your first redemption. After you have successfully claimed two rewards, your account will be reviewed for Verified Level. Once you reach “Verified Level“, you can request a redemption on accumulating 2,000 points. After “Verified Level,“ your account gets upgraded to “Premium Level”.  Once you become a premier user, you can request redemption at 1,500 points in your account. The final level is “Ambassador Level. “Once you are at “Ambassador Level,“ you can request a redemption at 1,000 points. “Ambassador Level“ users also get the benefit of normally getting their rewards within 24 to 48 hours.

Univox Community is currently offering a 200 point ($US2) joining bonus to get you started.

Univox Community Fast Facts

Open to Australians 16 years of age and over

Refer a friend: 100 points for each friend after they complete their first survey then 10 points per survey

Non Qualify: Up to 5 Points

Payout: PayPal

Minimum Payout:  $US25

  1. Fay permalink

    Have you joined this site? How are they with surveys and redemptions?

    • Hi Fay,
      I joined Univox a while ago, I get a lot of surveys from them, but most of them don’t pay much, don’t expect to make much with Univox. You need 2500 points for a $25 Amazon gift card or Virtual Visa. I think it will take about a year before I have enough points for a reward.

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