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Univox Community Review

Univox Community has been around for many years, but recently has become available to Australians.

Univox Community rewards are Amazon Gift Cards, Virtual Visa Card and now PayPal for Australians. Indian and UK members also have the option of PayPal.

Surveys at Univox Community should only take about 10 minutes and you are rewarded from 100 to 600 points for each survey completed and if screened out you are rewarded 5 points.

Univox Community is offering a 500 point ($5) joining bonus to get you started.

Join Univox Community

  1. Fay permalink

    Have you joined this site? How are they with surveys and redemptions?

    • Hi Fay,
      I joined Univox a while ago, I get a lot of surveys from them, but most of them don’t pay much, don’t expect to make much with Univox. You need 2500 points for a $25 Amazon gift card or Virtual Visa. I think it will take about a year before I have enough points for a reward.

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