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OpinionWorld Review

After completing surveys for many years on OpinionWorld, i now don’t bother with them because of their low paying surveys.

At OpinionWorld 1 point = 2cents. You will need to earn 500 ($10) points to redeem.

Opinion World has received many complaints for cancelling accounts without a valid reason, many members have also complained that surveys listed in their accounts don’t work and many have had trouble redeeming rewards.

If you do decide to join OpinionWorld you can expect to earn around 30 points for a 10 minute survey which works out to be about 60 cents.

OpinionWorld Fast Facts

Open to Australians 15 years and over

Payout: eGift Cards, PayPal

Non Qualify: Nothing

Minimum Payout: $10

Join OpinionWorld

Earn money via PayPal for your views. Heres how, A world of ideas, a world of rewards at OpinionWorld

  1. niyati permalink

    not good all always showing errors when claiming a reward

    • Hi, Niyati make sure you have the required number of points for the reward you are trying to claim and also make sure you have logged into not If you still have problems when you log into OpinionWorld there is a help button at the top of the screen, click on that and you can contact OpinionWorld.

  2. Rospat permalink

    I did a survey which abruptly terminated just as I was about to get points. I contacted Opinion Word about it and while they did not give me the points I missed out on, at least they did give me 20points for it and 20 points for another survey that I tried to do before being chucked out of that one as well.So I guess they are trying to do the right thing. I do feel that sometimes you are unfairly rejected from surveys but I have still managed to get a good number of points.

    • Hi Rospat, With OpinionWorld you can log into your account and from your survey history you can sometimes access the survey again if you are disconnected from the survey.

    • Mark permalink

      I have just had a similar issue with them. I spent 20 minutes filling out a 20 minute survey, as I was about to submit it I was sent to a page saying – Thanks for participating! This survey already has enough responses.
      If I get that message at the start of the survey then fair enough but not as I am about to complete it. I contacted one of their support people and was basically told this can happen and it’s the risk you take when doing these surveys. I have had a similar issue with Pure Profile and they are happy to give my the money I earned, no problem.
      If you want to get payed for the time you put into filling out surveys then Opinion World is one to stay away from.

      • Mark permalink

        After contacting Opinion World again about this issue they did the right thing and credited me 75 points seeing as I had almost completed the survey before it was shut down. I will be continuing to do surveys with Opinion World.

  3. Hi Rospat, if you tick yes on all the criteria each time, you will be kicked out from many surveys, its best to always answer honestly, sometimes surveys are looking for people who are yet to try a product or service and you would tick no on certain choices.

  4. iliya permalink

    how long will it take for me to get 15$ and how easy are the surveys? ( every time surveys want me to enter my phone then send a message to confirm but most of the times they never work and i lose my credit)

    • Hi iliya, OpinionWorld is a great site, its easy to be rewarded there as you only need 250 points and you can get a $5 Voucher for JB Hi Fi. Im not sure what you mean about losing credit and messages to your phone, OpinionWorld dont currently do surveys for mobile.

  5. stephanie permalink

    please be noted that the boxes are not the criteria, it is actually a tool to screen out the respondents. it is stupid to think that they are the criteria, then everyone will be qualified even if they arent. its just silly lol. Opinion World is the best. just keep trying, i made lots from them

  6. Satoshi Ohno permalink

    Opinion World is the best survey site. Rewards you generously for the surveys you complete and you get bonus points for being a valued member. You can also collect badges for completing 5 surveys, 10 surveys etc which gives you even more bonus points (~150 points). You only need 1000 points for a $20 gift voucher or paypal if you prefer. I am regularly invited to do surveys and earnt $40 in vouchers in 1 month!! Best site if you want to do paid surveys, they are quite easy to complete too.

  7. Rachel O Sullivan permalink

    For my first survey I got 150 points but now all I get are charity donations and draw entries.Can I change this somehow?

    • Hi Rachel if you are getting to the charity donation page it means you have completed the survey, you can log into your account to check your balance. When you reach the end of a survey with opinion world they dont normally tell you that you have earned points for completing the survey but points are credited. If you are getting draw entries its likely you have been screened out of the survey. Keep trying somedays you can qualify for 5 surveys in a row sometimes but other days you might get screened out but overall opinion world is one of the best panels.

  8. Donna permalink

    hi there, wonder if u can help me with the problem i have. i joined opinion world yesterday. i see that i got few surveys to do already, but everytime i try to do the survey saying “unfortunately an error has occured. we apologized for the inconvenience” then it goes back to the previous page with the start button. and if i try the start survey button again , it’ll just keep repeating the same action. so, so far haven’t been able to do any survey.

    • Hi Donna,
      If you are getting errors you can try logging out and back in to the site and sometimes using a different browser can help, I find Google Chrome to be the most reliable browser, if you are still having problems its best to skip that survey and see if their is any other surveys available for you. Opinion World will also email you when they have new surveys for you to do.

  9. Donna permalink

    tried them all, nothing work. but just now i had 1 survey that i can finally open and do, might have to try again on some that don’t work before.
    thanks for ur reply and suggestion anyway.

  10. Mark permalink

    Warning. Joined Opinion World recently and fairly quickly built up over $40 credit. Now im unable to log in, no explanation, and they do not respond to attempts to contact them.
    Nothing more than a scam as far as im concerned.

    • Hi Mark,
      OpinionWorld is not a scam, I have been paid many times from them. If you are unable to log into your account you can try to reset your password. You can also call Opinion World on 1800 601 253.
      I recommend for every survey site you are using to cash out as soon as you have enough points to help provide loss of earnings.

      • How long does it take to get paid by paypal on this site after requesting i requested yesterday and havent gotten email or paypal yet is why im wondering

      • Hi Cj,
        PayPal is instant with OpinionWorld, check to see if points have been deducted from your account, maybe it didn’t process and you need to try again.

    • Hi Mark,
      You can also email them at:

      • Hey so its no longer instant its 24 hrs just a headsup

      • Hi cj,
        I also noticed that OpinionWorld are no longer paying instantly but taking 24 hrs to pay. I have updated the information in my review. Thanks for letting us know.

  11. nigel permalink

    the rewards button on my opinion account does not work when i try to redeem my point the reward button doest not load to let me go to redeem my rewards ///why is that happen?

    • Hi Nigel,
      OpinionWorld are aware they have a few problems at their website due to a update and are working to fix the problems. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  12. TGL permalink

    For all the surveys that provide points…

    “We take answer quality and account security seriously. Unfortunately we are unable to record your participation in this survey. This can happen if you rush your answers, your answers do not match your profile data, you are not in the designated country you signed up in, or you or someone in your household already participated in this survey.

    Please clear your cache & cookies before starting another survey. If this does not help, please contact customer support.”

    Not sure why, but perhaps I just fall into the categories that nobody wants to hear from. In either case, if you are 30~ Australian, don’t bother. You will just end up frustrated.

    • Hi TGL,
      Their are various reasons you will get that error message, such as completing the survey while you are overseas, it can also happen when you are using private browsing mode or you may have completed the survey at another survey site.
      Everyone’s experience will differ from survey site to survey site so its best to sign up with a few different survey sites and see which ones work best for you.

  13. Sam permalink

    Are there any problems in joining Opinion World while being a member of My Opinions since they are both a part of Survey Sampling International? For example would SSI cancel an account if you were a member of both their survey sites?

    • Hi Sam,
      Their is no problem being members of both OpinionWorld and MyOpinions at the same time, although they are both part of Survey Sampling they are 2 different survey sites and you will normally get different surveys from each survey site, although occasionally you may get the same survey from both sites. I prefer OpinionWorld mainly because you can get a instant PayPal cash out once you have earned $10 worth of points. MyOpinions also has instant cash out at $10 but its only for e-Gift Cards not PayPal.

  14. Ryan permalink

    How long does it usually take to redeem points for amazon credit? I redeemed more than 24 hours ago but i still don’t have access to the code. Is this normal?

    • Hi Ryan,
      It should take 2 working days to receive e-Gift Cards for OpinionWorld, if you haven’t received the Amazon credit yet check your junk mail folder, i always redeem for PayPal which is instant.

  15. Joan permalink

    The payment is quite smooth into Paypal account. Some of the ‘surveys’ turn out to be prescreening questions which is a bit baffling after answering questions for 10 minutes. This part has been frustrating and time consuming but otherwise an ok site. Like the author of this site has mentioned, this isnt something you would leave your day job to earn money from!

  16. Syra permalink

    I have been terminated from the survey without any reasons. OpinionWorld still owe me $20 from the 3 1/2 hrs survey I answered last week. This is ridiculous as it is as also after saying it will never sell your information to third party, it is and now all I got is spams, terminated account and unsettled balance. Very outrageous!

  17. Melissa permalink

    After reaching $20 with this site I went to cash out and received an error. I went to log in the next day and I have been terminated for no reason. I believe this is a scam to avoid paying people. While the site may not of been a scam for you in the past perhaps they have been taken over by a new company? There are many many honest and fun survey sites to join instead of this one. Be wary!

  18. Miranda permalink

    I have been using this site for a number of months, today I tried to redeem my points only to be told my account was terminated due to violation of their terms and conditions.. had about $40 worth of rewards and cannot get them. I don’t understand how I “violated” their terms and conditions nor have they provided any answers to this. Seems like a scam to me so they don’t have to pay out.
    Won’t be using and DON’T recommend!!!!

    • Hi Miranda, a lot of people have had problems with OpinionWorld recently you can try emailing them at: I always recommended to everyone as soon as you have enough points to cash out of any survey site to do so.

      • I have been with OpinionWorld for nearly 3 years. Redeeming rewards once I reach the points required. Recently, they terminated my account when I tried to redeem points for a voucher. They gave NO explanation and only said I violated their terms and conditions. I have searched online and many members have had the same issue. It’s becoming a SCAM now!

  19. amy permalink

    it was good at first 2 months, but 2 days ago when i tried to redeem my 10$ to paypal ( already got 30 from them last month), they terminated my account, then i found out they did the same to my account with myopinions too. Already emailed them, many people also reported about this, and hardly anyone can reactive their account to redeem again. Don’t know what happen, but should be careful with this panel.

  20. amy permalink

    opinionword contacted me and fixed that problem.

  21. Anna Ryan-Punch permalink

    I’ve just had the same happen to me – tried to cash out my first $10 and was abruptly send to the terms & conditions page and told my account have been terminated. I’ve emailed them about this, but I’m not terribly hopeful given all the reports of this.

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