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Top 20 Australian Paid Survey Sites

Here is my list of the Best Paid Australian Survey Sites. All the Paid Online Survey Sites listed below offer regular survey opportunities for Australians, it best to join as many of as you can for the best results.

Site: Reward Options:
Join Australia's Highest paying survey site: Octopus Group Bank Deposit, eGift Cards Review Join
TGM Panel PayPal Review Join
Pureprofile Bank Deposit, eGift Cards, Movie Tickets Review Join
PurplePatch eGift Cards Review Join
Lifepoints eGift Cards, PayPal Review Join
Homescan Consumer Panel Gift Cards Review Join
NielsenIQ Beauty Panel eGift Cards Review Join

Middle of the Road Survey Sites

The following survey sites I recommended you use caution with. Members of these sites have complained of things like low paying surveys and slow payouts.

Mobrog PayPal Review Join
MyView eGift Cards Review Join
ySense PayPal Review Join
Red Planet Research Qantas Frequent Flyer Points Review Join

Survey Sites to Avoid

The following are survey sites I recommend you avoid. Members of these sites have complained of accounts being cancelled without proper reason and difficulty in claiming rewards or not having enough survey opportunities.

Swagbucks eGift Cards Review Join
Univox Community eGift Cards, PayPal Review Join
OpinionWorld eGift Cards, PayPal Review Join
MyOpinions eGift Cards, PayPal Review Join
Valued Opinions eGift Cards Review Join
What Do You Think eGift Cards Review Join
Toluna Influencers Gift Cards, PayPal Review Join
QOR Surveys eGift Cards, PayPal Review Join
  1. Henry permalink

    I’m looking for panels that offer paypal over other reward options.. have you recently found any others that offer a paypal option?

    • Russell permalink

      G’day Henry
      I see that My Survey has been put in as paying by paypal. I received this email after asking about the paypal payments.

      Hello Russell,

      Thank you for contacting us. Please know that due to the recent PayPal change regarding third-party payments, we can no longer provide PayPal for your panel. Unfortunately, we do not know if or when this will become available in your reward zone. Please visit the reward zone catalog to redeem for another one of the great items available. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

      Kind Regards,

      Program Support Team

      I don’t know if this just for my ‘reward zone’ or not but when I signed up they did not advise me of this.

  2. Hi Henry,
    I will compile a list of panels that offer PayPal over the next few days.

  3. HI I count 17 ?????? Sorry I’m a newbie and just looking for info – Thanks Clarie

  4. Hi Clarie, you are right there is only 17 listed, i removed a few panels as i didnt think they were worth joining, hopefully we will be back to 20 panels soon.

  5. Kayla permalink

    Hi, I am wanting to know what other survey/ loyalty programs offer giftpay points

  6. Gabrielle permalink

    I see you prefer sites that offer paypal rewards, why is that? Can’t you only then use it for things you buy online? I feel like I’m missing something…

    • Hi Gabrielle,
      I like PayPal rewards as they can be used for many things, like eBay purchases (make sure you join RewardsCentral as you can earn points when you buy at eBay through them). It can be used at many retailers for online purchases, bill payments, even buying pizza at domino’s or if you prefer you can transfer money from PayPal to your bank account. Now many sites are even offering instant PayPal payout like Your Voice and OpinionWorld so no waiting for a gift card to be posted and possibly get lost or stolen. Their are also a few sites which offer e-vouchers which i like to receive as well, instant e-vouchers are available at MyOpinions and Rewards Central and a few more Survey Sites. Click here for the full list of instant cash out sites. Feel free to tell me what your favorite reward option is and i can suggest which survey sites will be best for you.

  7. sam permalink

    I managed to make $90 in 2 weeks on OpinionWorld and so far it seems to be the best.
    I recently started a blog to track my progress through. I hope some people may find it valuable about which survey sites to avoid. and which are worth your time.

    • Hi Sam,
      Its great you are doing well with OpinionWorld and good luck with your blog. We are unable to link to blogs that use Ad Sense that’s why the link to your blog was removed, thank you for your understanding and good luck with your survey taking.

  8. Bree permalink

    Hi, just wondering what websites are the best for actually earning money? I would like to be able to transfer it into my bank account and use it as cash as I don’t shop online. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Bree,
      Pureprofile would be one the most popular sites that pay into your bank account, RewardsCentral is also a popular Australian survey site which pays into your bank account You don’t need to shop online to redeem rewards for most Australian Survey Sites. Most Australian paid survey sites reward you with gift cards (most gift cards can be redeemed online and offline) and PayPal. Everyone’s earnings will be different so its best to join a few sites and see what works best for you. 🙂

  9. Day permalink

    Hello, i noticed you said you can transfer money from PayPal directly to your bank account? So all the sites that pay to paypal would be just as effective as being paid into your bank acc like any other “normal job”?
    Im wanting to do some work from home, online, as i have preschool aged children and am a stay at home mum. How much do you think would be a reasonable average income from doing paid online surveys per hour, and would your list of paypal friendly surveys up there still be your top recommendation? Thanks so much, Day.

    • Hi Day,
      Online Surveys are not a job, but more of a hobby, you can transfer money from PayPal to a bank account, it takes a few days for your money to be transferred into your bank account.
      The income you earn from paid surveys is not a lot, but sometimes you can get products to try and you may get invited to a focus group through a online survey site. Focus groups can pay well. You get paid per survey if you qualify not per hour. Some survey sites pay $1 for a 10 minute survey, sometimes you can get lucky and do a 20 minute survey for $5 it varies a lot. Its best to join as many survey sites as you can, but never pay for list of survey sites. Then see which survey sites work best for you.

  10. Henry permalink

    You should sign up to mint surveys, an Australian company I’ve recently come across. Plenty of opportunities to earn & they pay fairly well. Payment in the form of physical coles-myer gift cards, have been a member for about 3 months and just received/used my first redemption. Im going to prioritize this site from now on, should be able to cash out $20-40 a month!

  11. Henry permalink

    Great to hear you are doing well. Im also doing well on mint survey even though im investing little time! Hope it keeps working for you.

    • Hi Henry,
      Its going well with Mint Surveys only drawback is the only reward option is physical Coles Myer gift cards, which take a while to be sent.

  12. Dee permalink

    My opinions seems to be the best value. I get about $200 over a year period for doing a moderate amount of surveys. Plus, the withdraw process is instant.

    • Hi Dee,
      Ever since MyOpinions was taking over by Survey Sampling its been hard to earn a lot of points with MyOpinions and it looks like they are not bring the Instant Win game back. Its great you are doing well with them and i also like the instant withdrawal but would like the site to be a lot more busy doesn’t look like i will reach platinum plus this year with My Opinions.

  13. ddssa permalink

    how long does it take to get points so you can get paid?
    u say for each site u have to get a certain amount of points in order to get for example $20
    to paypal. so how long does it take to earn those points?

    • Hi ddssa,
      It varies, on most survey sites i have listed i get a Payout every 1 -3 months. To be more successful in earning enough for payouts from Survey sites try and compete surveys as soon as you receive them and join up to all the survey sites on my list and see which ones works best for you.

  14. Charmaine permalink

    Any opinion on Paid Survey at Home is there any money to be made their as it costs to join?

    • Hi Charmaine,
      I wouldn’t recommended joining Paid Surveys at Home, all it is, is a list of survey sites which you can find for free on the internet. If you have already joined Paid Surveys at Home you can request a refund by contacting them.

  15. Jay Ho permalink

    Hey I want to ask that Global Test Market must earn atleast 1000 points first before I can redeem and thats equal to 50$.And the conclusion is I must earn 50$ to get a payout,is that what it meant?

    • Hi Jay Ho,
      Yes you need to earn 1000 points before you can redeem at GlobalTestMarket, you need 924 points to get a $50 gift voucher. To get to the 1000 point minimum you can add a gift donation for 90 points that would cost a total of 1014 points or you could add a $10 Voucher which costs 193 points, that would mean for 1117 points you would get a $50 Voucher and a $10 Voucher.

  16. shirley kim permalink

    What happened to Mint..on your previous recommendation ages ago I joined them..did the profiles and received two of which they credited, the other I’m STILL waiting for..I’ve emailed them twice with no response…Are they still functioning??? if not what do they do with our information??

  17. shirley permalink

    What do any of them do with our information??? There’s a lot of trust here

    • Hi shirley,
      The survey sites on my list are all genuine and i have received a payout from all of them, they use your information to send relevant surveys to you, You can check each survey sites privacy policy before signing up if you have concerns.

  18. Sherlyn permalink

    Can we withdraw cash from our paypal account? I am newbie

  19. Salena permalink

    I joined Octopus group after seeing good reviews but am yet to hear from them. I am wondering what you suggest as the best survey group ( and most genuine) as of 10/3/2017.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Salena,
      Octopus Group doesn’t have many surveys at the moment as they are still new and are building up their membership.
      My favorite survey sites at the moment are My Survey, Pureprofile, Valued Opinions and GlobalTestMarket. Opinion World and MyOpinions are also pretty good but I don’t get as many surveys from them. Its best to join as many as you can on my top 20 Australian Survey Sites list and see what works best for you.

  20. shirley permalink

    what has happened to Mint. Every time I try their site they seem to have a server failer and I get rheems of why the failure. I’ve got money in their account and can’t withdraw whilst their site is out of action. Anyone else having troubles with them??

  21. Navdeep permalink

    I was just wondering which Survey Site gives most Paypal for the least amount of surveys on average.

    • Navdeep permalink

      As well which one offers the most surveys, so with all of these in mind, which one is the best?

      • Hi Navdeep,
        Everyone’s best survey site will be different its best to sign up to as many as you can on my list and see which is the best survey site for you.

  22. Naomi potter permalink

    Been doing surveys for a few years now, but went through a major cull of sites over the last yearI used to do any surveys I could get but now have a minimum standard of pay that is a minimum of $1 per 10 minutes. So I canned opinion world, global test market, toluna and not doing many on my survey either, and I’m finding I’m still making about the same because a lot of those surveys end up on my other panels with a much better pay rate. I also picked up purkle and catagraph, octopus group and univox thanks to your site. Univox has payments all over the place but so far am very happy with purkle , and the other two at least pay well just don’t have many surveys.

    My survey used to be one of my favorites but they are paying less than they used to so not worth it,. I occasionally do a 10 minute survey for 90 points but that’s as low as I go.

    • Ste permalink

      Octopusgroup seems to pay very well, I just finished a 12min survey and got $ 3.60.

  23. Mary permalink

    Has anyone any experience with Mint Surveys Australia. Are they worth joining?

    • Naomi permalink

      Definitely in my experience if you are happy with coles/Myer vouchers as that’s their only reward option. I probably cash out 1 $20 voucher every month. Surveys pay reasonably well and you also get points if you screen out. I’m not sure why it’s not in the list above. I would rate it way better than toluna or global test market.

    • Hi Mary,
      I would join Mint Surveys, but as Naomi says your only reward option is Coles/Myer vouchers, they take about 6 weeks to send which is a bit annoying, but normally i get a voucher every couple of months.

  24. Yubi Nathanials permalink

    Are there any other Paypal paying survey sites that are credible, specifically those who payout fast and is easy to redeem for the transfers? (besides myopinions)

  25. Is there another paying site available for Philippines? Thanks

  26. proffens permalink

    Hi, another survey panel is Triaba: Pays by Paypal

  27. Tina Burrows permalink

    Hi I am just looking into doing surveys and am not sure who to go to in Australia a lot of the sites I have looked at are in USA. I am looking for gift vouchers at the moment as I am a bit unsure of how to go is this the best way for privacy I tried Valued Opinions but they say they are not taking on anyone new right now. Hope you can help me.

  28. tinaburrows permalink

    Hi I have tried surveys in the past but not successfully and am interested in trying again. I am interested in sites in Australia and for vouchers or gift certificates as I am nervous about giving to much info on the computer. Can you advise of some reliable ones I could try. Thank You in advance

    • Hi Tina,
      It can take some time to find the best survey sites for you, I suggest you sign up to all the survey sites on my site as they are all genuine. It can be frustrating at first as their are many survey scam sites out their. Some tips if a survey site says you can make $50 an hour its a scam, if they ask you for credit card details or they ask you to pay you a joining fee its a scam. Some people find it easier to use a different email address for joining survey sites. So if you have accidentally signed up for the spam and scam sites you can just delete that email and update your email address for the genuine survey sites.

  29. Charles permalink

    Has anyone here had problems with MyOpinions account termination? I’ve read reviews about many people including myself have had their account terminated just as they try to cash out and for no reason either

  30. Catalina permalink

    Are there any decent paying Survey Apps or Sites that DO NOT use PayPal anymore? Paypal keep ‘Limiting my account’ & I’ve been sending messages with NO HELP WHATSOEVER, just the exact same auto message for 6 months now! They tell me I can view my balance & still accept payments …… well that’s pointless if PAYPAL are the ones that are keeping it! I can’t withdraw my own $ out of the account to close it or anything! This has happened twice now & I have no idea why! They’ve been doing this to many others from what I’ve been reading also … I can’t believe they are not being investigated yet for withholding everyone’s money! So any genuine paying Survey Apps / Sites where the $ will go directly to us! Please and thank you 👍🏼

  31. kimfuselier73 permalink

    Are there any sites compatible with USA?

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