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LiveTribe Review

LiveTribe is more than a paid survey site once you are a member of the Tribe you can participate in surveys, play games, enter the monthly competition to win cash, refer your friends for points and chat with others in the community forum.

With every survey completed at LiveTribe you will earn reward points, you can choose to donate your points to charity at the end of each survey or keep the points for yourself to save up for a reward.

Most surveys at LiveTribe pay between 700 and 1100 points. 700 points works out to be about 88cents and 1100 points is about $1.39.

You will receive 160 points, about 20 cents if you are screened out of a survey at LiveTribe.

Rewards start at 7900 points for a $10 GiftPay card which can be converted into a variety of gift cards from leading retailers including Woolworths Wish Card, JB Hi FI, Flight Centre, Coles and iTunes.

LiveTribe Fast Facts

Open to Australia and New Zealand

Refer a Friend: Earn 1000 points for each friend once they complete 3 surveys

Non Qualify: 160 Points

Payout: eGift Cards, PayPal, Charity Donations, EFTPOS Gift Card

Minimum Payout: 7900 Points

Join LiveTribe

Join thousands of LiveTribe members in Australia and New Zealand and earn rewards with FREE paid surveys, cash competitions and online games. Money for surveys, free games for cash prizes and a chance to win a share of $5000 when you sign up.

  1. Sue permalink

    cannot access LIve Tribe – they send me surveys but then I cannot access them as page isn’t found – tried google for Live Tribe login and that kept telling me my username and or password was incorrect which it wasn’t.

  2. Hi Sue, I know a few people have had trouble logging into the LiveTribe site after there last update, you can try using the forgotten password feature, if that doesn’t work you can try emailing LiveTribe at

  3. Sue permalink

    Thank you. Forgotten password didn’t work, finally got a survey I could get into, which in turn let me send them a message (I didn’t have the email address you referred to)
    Again, thank you for your help.

  4. Sam Berry permalink

    This company is really crap. You only need one more survey to cash out on your rewards and they take their time giving you surveys you don’t qualify for. I took the $50 Paypal. Took ages to get after complaining so much.
    Do not join with this site.

    • Hi Sam Berry,
      You can withdraw at LiveTribe when you have reached 7900 points for a $10 giftpay voucher. I can understand your frustration though, i have been declining quite a few surveys each month from LiveTribe because of poorly designed surveys or for low payments. Unfortunately LiveTribe doesn’t seem to be keeping up with other survey sites and still insists on a 6-8 week wait before you receive your reward.

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