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Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions use to be a really good survey site, but has really gone down hill since its been owned by Dynata. Surveys are now harder to qualify and don’t pay as much as they use to. Its not a survey site i would recommended any more.

For every survey you complete, you’ll earn between $0.50 and $5. On average expect to earn $1 for completing a 10 minute survey.

Many members have complained they have trouble redeeming their rewards and having their accounts suspended for no valid reason. Surprisingly they seem to have some good reviews at Trustpilot yet they have not responded to negative reviews on Trustpilot for over 12 months. Something doesn’t see quite right their I will let you be the judge if the positive reviews are genuine or fake.

Valued Opinions Fast Facts

Open to Australians 16 years and over.

Payout: eGift Cards

Non Qualify: Nothing

Minimum Payout: $20

Join Valued Opinions

Take Surveys, Get Rewards. Get up to $5 per survey with valued opinions.

  1. Ros permalink

    Having trouble registering on this one – keeps telling me that my email is already in use on the site, but that’s impossible.

  2. Hi Ros, you may have already registered with Valued Opinions, try getting a password reminder from the email address which they say is already in use. If that not works you might need to try a different email address to sign up with.

    • Mike James Rigby permalink

      I tried this too.
      when trying to register it says the email address is already registered. So when I try to log on or request a password emailed to me, it then says no such email exists. Weird

  3. jay Kingsun permalink

    In my opinion by far the best survey site. You are credited in dollar amount not like other sites that try to confuse you with point systems so you cant acuratley tell if you geting rewarded fairly for your time. They have been spot on with every gift card I’ve claimed. Id like to see Kogan partnered up for gift cards as they have aweome products and value. I would also like a loyalty porgram as I’ve been with them for years.(Perhaps bonus suvey money or something)

    • Hi Jay,
      I have also had great success with value opinions and normally get a $20 voucher every month, i dont think they have any plans to introduce a Kogan voucher but you can get jb hi fi vouchers which can be used both online and offline as well as evouchers for Myer. It would be nice if they did have a loyalty program like many other survey panels have introduced in the last few years.

  4. Jay Kingsun permalink

    Lol. I’m after a go pro and JB hi are a rip off. I get get it for more than a$100 off that price at Kogan:-)

  5. Jay Kingsun permalink

    Thats great news!:-) Thanks

  6. Deb permalink

    Valued opinions are increasingly leading people a long through surveys before screening them out. Also increasing is some technical difficulty right at the end of the survey, rendering the whole effort a waste of time. I’ve just unsubscribed from them. such a time waster.

    • Hi Deb,
      I normally go well with Valued Opinions and most months I can get at least one $20 Gift Card, their are a few surveys no matter what panel you do them have very long screeners which I know I will be screened out from. For example the automobile survey, the alcohol survey, the movie survey and pretty much any survey from forethought research, I avoid those surveys but its taken me a few years to easily work out the surveys to avoid. If Valued Opinions is not working for you their are plenty of other survey sites to choose from anyways.

  7. Judy permalink

    I’ve been with valued opinions for about 3 weeks and have made a total of $63.50 I cashed them out with 3 x $20 xbox live cards for my boys.. I am wondering how many accounts per household u can have though, as I’ve managed to talk my hubby into it, I’m just not sure on how many accounts your allowed per household any advise would be much appreciated? He’s 16 years older and a male so it would be defintly different opinions? Lol

    • Hi Judy,
      That’s great you are going well with Valued Opinions, as far as I am aware their is no restrictions on how many accounts per household, your husband will need to use different email addresses to you and if possible its preferable for each person to uses a different computer to complete surveys on.

  8. Michele Haughey permalink

    Do these surveys from time to time. Being older took me a while to trust this type of site, but have had no problems with this site.

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