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MyOpinions Review

MyOpinions is now being ran by Survey Sampling International, As of June 2015 you are unable to transfer points to Rewards Central and the Instant Win Game has been disabled since June 2015 and you are unable to transfer points into rewards central anymore.

Their has been a slight reduction in points need to be rewarded at MyOpinions now you only need 1000 points for a $10 E-Voucher or 2000 points for a $20 PayPal Redemption. Rewards are delivered instantly now so no waiting 6-8 weeks like it use to be.

It would be good if they could get the instant win game working again, but apart from that MyOpinions continues to be a good survey site, where I get regular payouts from throughout the year.

MyOpinions also has a loyalty status program which means if you participate regularly in surveys at MyOpinions you will be rewarded even more.

The levels and rewards are as  follows:
Bronze 500 Points to qualify no Bonus
Silver 2500 Points to qualify 2.5% Bonus
Gold 5000 Points to qualify 5% Bonus
Platinum  10000 Points to qualify 7.5%
Platinum Plus: Need to be Platinum and earn 8000 Points each year to qualify for platinum plus in the following year 10% Bonus

I have made it to Platinum the last 2 years.

Payout: E-Gift Cards, PayPal

Non Qualify: 20 points.

Minimum Payout $10

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  1. Kathleen Stibbe permalink

    I was in middle of completing survey up to health questions when the internet page went to ERROR so now i don’t know if I am registered or not, please advise.

    • Hi Kathleen, to check if you are registered try to sign in with the log on information you used when you signed up, if you are registered you should be able to go to the site and be able to see if your answers were recorded.

  2. Iluka Watts-Deuchar permalink

    MyOpinions is a really great survey site, one of the best I have tried. I have been a member since the start of october 2013 and I have cashed out once already. You get one or two surveys a week which works quite well for me.

    • Hi Iluka, I Agree My Opinions is a great site, remember to play the instant win game every week to earn even more points and they also have a loyalty status progam which gives you a weekly percentage bonus on the surveys you complete. You can also transfer points to rewards central if you prefer.

  3. Belinda permalink

    Have been a My Opinions Member for 7 years. Since it has been operated by Survey Sampling International it is no longer a fair and reasonable site. Generally, you receive emails stating you have a survey – then when you go to link and answer 3 or 4 questions it will mostly lock you out with no reward given. It has become now a waste of time and effort for those who are busy enough … not only due to this but you can no longer transfer points to Rewards Central (whose site is just as disappointing these days also) – most of the good features are gone now including the weekly lucky square. Also, if you are doing a survey and get bumped out for some reason, there is now no way to continue the survey as the available surveys (including status, survey ID etc.) are no longer listed on either the My Opinions or Rewards Central website. Not good enough !

  4. Jackson permalink

    Agree completely with Belinda, this site and Rewards Central are no longer worth the effort. They ask a long series of questions to determine if you are eligible for a survey, then after answering a few more questions they screen you out. I will be closing my account shortly.

    • Hi Jackson,
      Try to earn enough points for a reward before you close your account as once you close a account all points earned are lost.

  5. Fiona permalink

    I have been having huge issues getting my rewards. I can’t get my phone number verified as I don’t get the text message they send which means I cannot get my cash out rewards. So frustrating as they are not responding to any of the messages I have sent them.

    • Hi Fiona,
      The only thing I can suggest it to try a different mobile number and make sure you give them the number in local format for example: 04XXXXXXX rather than 61XXXXXXXX.

  6. Ian c permalink

    A couple of days ago I had over 8000 points. Now there’s a different log in system, new password required, my statement shows zero points. What’s going on? Plus – more and moe surveys are asking more and more questions (up to 30% of survey!) before screening out. Hardly worth the effort now.

    • Hi Ian,
      The log in system for My Opinions has not changed, possibly you have signed up to My Opinions again with a different email? It best to cash out your points as soon as you can on every survey site you have joined.

  7. thehouseoflotta permalink

    I was answering surveys yesturday and today i was removed from the site , i followed their site rules and what points i had left is no existant. I had been told three days ago that i have to sign in with a new password and no i didn’t join up with a different email . So i am giving up on that site, i had no problems til i used a voucher i earnt with my points on their site.

    • Hi thehouseoflotta,
      It seems strange that you were been told to sign into MyOpinions with a new password, if you received a email with a new password it is most likely fake, I hope you can get it all sorted out soon.

      • thehouseoflotta permalink

        it wasn’t in an email, it was on their offical website. it doesn’t matter i won’t be holding my breath regarding my membership with them anyways, they weren’t forth coming with points i hard earnt as it was.

  8. I don’t know why you would have been asked for a new password, I never had any problems with My Opinions.

  9. ParticipateAtYouOwnRisk permalink

    I have been a member for 7 years, maybe longer and used to love it. Today I am over it. I often participate in surveys, spending 10-20 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes at a time doing surveys and then on the last question or at 98%-99% they will screen me out and give me 20 points. The are actually deceiving me and wasting my time. Beware, they get you to complete the surveys and don’t reward you as agreed.

    • Hi ParticipateAtYouOwnRisk,
      I know its frustrating when you spend 30 minutes on a survey only to be told you don’t qualify. I am thinking about adding a list of surveys which are disqualifying people unfairly.

  10. Mary Alex permalink

    Generally like this company. However as I just experienced. I completed a survey for 20mins and then was screened out. I’m sorry but I could see I was at the end of the survey from the progress bar. It was very dodgy. Otherwise, I think some surveys have been quick, easy and worth my time. Other than this ‘university study’ on how you would behave if your pet was stuck in your house/property in an emergency..avoid doing.. waste of time.

  11. Token permalink

    It’s a waste of time. It used to be good when I could transfer points, but in the last 6-9 months, I haven’t received a single survey request and when I try to check if their are surveys matching my profile, there is never one available. For the last 6 months, I gave up and just wanted to get enough points to finally cash out then cancel my account, but can’t even do that! LAME!

  12. Blah permalink

    I don’t seem to be able to cash out anymore…It asks for my password due to the secure member’s area..I put my password in, click submit..and nothing at all happens.

    • Hi Blah,
      I checked my account and once i sign in i can access the rewards page. You can try logging out of My Opinions and closing your browser and then open the My Opinions again and log in, if that doesn’t work you can try using a different browser and/or device.

  13. Maylyn permalink

    I’ve been collecting points and trying my best to earn points. After all i can’t redeemed my points, because they terminated me that’s strange. I didn’t make any violation. I followed all the rules and regulations. Feeling frustrated… Please help me…

  14. John permalink

    Do not use My Opinions, they are dodgy. When you get to platinum plus they will close your account for breaching their terms and conditions but are unable to say how you breach them and will keep all your points. Complete waste of time as they will never let you redeem.

    • Hi John.
      You can try emailing them at:

    • CTM permalink

      Thanks for posting that – i was getting close to platinum and that is exactly what happened. I signed in after a couple of months absence (was actually in hospital for some time). Tried to do a survey on a new computer I had just bought and was suddenly not able to do any surveys. Got the rubbish response from their rubbish support about supposedly not doing surveys properly (ha, ha, ha). Never received a proper response from their support who simply lied over and over again about looking into the problem. Just tried to sign in and got the membership terminated message. This is fraud and they should be prosecuted.

  15. Mary permalink

    I was terminated by Myopinions because I breached terms and conditions. I attempted to redeem @20 via paypal and I believe I may have keyed a comma before the au on my email address. No response from my opinions from 5 emails to the help desk not even a computer generated one. I intend to telephone them today on 02 9409 8698 a tel number I found on an american site Police survey. I could not find a listing in the Tel .directory. What type of business is this no advertised number their business is to improve the running of their clients businesses, I think they should look at their own.

  16. Melissa permalink

    Just when I was ready to cash out on this site I received an error “we need a week to look into this” blah blah. I tried to login the next day and my account was terminated. I have always answered the surveys honestly so I believe this may be a scam they are using to avoid having to pay people. I seem not to be the only one this has happened to. They have another site they own also called opinionworld which the same thing happened on. Be VERY wary about wasting your time. I have had success with other sites that havent been scams

  17. Lyn permalink

    Yes you are right john. They did desame with me.. they terminated me without any reason. Even they didn’t even told me.. annoying. .

    • Hi Lyn,
      You can try emailing them at:

      • Lyn permalink

        Hi it’s useless to communicate with them because they don’t care. I send an email several times but even no reply. So as if im begging for something. That’s fine if they don’t to reply . My concern is im doing my effort but it’s worthless..

        Thank you

  18. Hi Lyn.
    They have admitted on Facebook, that their has been issues with some accounts, you can try contacting them on Facebook if you have account, i have left a comment on their Facebook, telling them that i have had quiet a few people at my website telling me they have been unfairly terminated, hopefully they can re-instate terminated accounts and learn from this.

    • Lyn permalink

      Yes you are right…That’s great.. if i can leave a comment on facebook it reallyhelpful. .

      Thank you

  19. sekhmet2 permalink

    I am one of many MyOpinionsmembers who had their account terminated with no warning after years of membership. I complained to their customer support as well as the parent company SSI. The latest explanation is an allegation of “suspicious logins”, and they told me I won’t have my account reinstated, nor will I be able to re-register (not that I want to anyway if this is how they treat people). I have requested their evidence for their bizarre allegations but am not holding my breath. Since it’s happened to numerous people over the past few months, I’m not buying the notion that we all coincidentally engaged in mass T+C breaches.

    MO has been going steadily downhill anyway so perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise. For a couple of years I was able to cash out $20 at least once a month, then it dropped right off this year. I had noticed they were constantly kicking me out of surveys except on my phone using Chrome (it happened on my home computer using Firefox and Chrome as well as my work computer using IE so it wasn’t browser specific or anything to do with the cache or proxy servers). It was a case of much effort for little return.

  20. Dennis permalink

    My name is Dennis and I have been a My Opinions member for a long time. I finally qualified for Platinum and wit nearly $54 worth of points ready to be cashed, all of a sudden I was terminated. No success just yet with all my emails. I will keep trying

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