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MyView Review

Surveys at MyView are easy to complete and normally take between 5 and 20 minutes to complete and pay between 100 and 300 points and are credit to you instantly after you complete the survey.

Once you have 2000 points you can redeem them for things like Coles Myer gifts card, Wish (Woolworth’s group) gift cards, Bunnings gift cards and charity donations. If you choose the e-voucher option¬†you will receive the voucher instantly via email. physical vouchers cost 300 points more and can take a few weeks to be delivered.

On selected surveys at MyView you sometimes get the option of being rewarded with a Giftpax voucher or points. Unfortunately Giftpax vouchers have really declined in value over the last few years and just are not worth getting.

MyView does offer $20 Giftpax Vouchers for 1000 points but make sure you look at the Giftpax website first to see where you can spend them so you dont get disappointed.

MyView also gives you the option of referring your friends and pay a really nice 500 points ($5) for every successful referral.

MyView also offers regular tipping competitions for AFL, Rugby and other major sports events like the world cup where the top tipsters can win cash. There is also monthly cash prize draws.

MyView Fast Facts

Open to Australian residents aged 14 and over.

Non qualify: 5 points

Payout: eGift Cards, GiftPax, Physical Gift Cards.

Minimum Payout: $10 GiftPax /$20 eGift Card

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  1. Blath Parlan permalink

    Myview’s standard of responding has deteriorated severely and the company has problems keeping records. I completed a survey in May and did not receive points for the survey but received an email telling that I had not completed the survey. I contacted the company giving details of the survey such as who the it was from but I did not give the invitation number. Over a week later a girl by the name of Madeleine has been contacting me asking me to send the invitation number. Since then there has been several emails where she is still begging for the invitation number. I sent a complaint to the company about their record keeping but have still not received a response other than that they will respond to my email. This company is okay provided nothing goes wrong. When something does go wrong do not expect a quick response.

    • Hi Blath Parlan,
      If you log into the MyView website and click on where it displays your point balance you should be able to see your history of survey taking as well as survey sent, you should then be able to get the survey invitation number.

  2. shirley permalink

    Maybe I’m not the age bracket that they want but i just don’t get invitations for surveys since the opening survey that everyone seems to do just to get your appetite wetted…i’ve asked why and had no response. not even ‘ sorry but that’s how it goes’ type email. Close to opting out completely with them. I’ve also noticed that a lot of the positive feedback to survey companies generally has been from males. I believe they don’t have enough male respondents..hence the males get a lot more opportunity??? Logical…my husband HATES surveys!!!

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