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MySurvey Review

Note: MySurvey has been merged into LifePoints

MySurvey is a great survey panel, i like this panel because of the low amount of points you need to cash out. Its only 550 points which you can get a $5 eGift Card for Wooloworths, Coles or a donation to Unicef.

MySurvey also rewards its regular members by assigning them a membership level based on there participation level,  the higher the membership level the higher the reward.

Membership levels are as follows:
Platinum member: Earn a minimum of 10,000 points for 10% additional points for every survey completed.
Gold member: Earn a minimum of 5,000 points for 7.5% additional points for every survey completed.
Silver member: Earn a minimum of 2,000 points for 5% additional points for every survey completed.

MySurvey Fast Facts

Open to Australian residents aged 16 years and older

Refer a friend: 215 Points per friend – Maximum of 3 friends per 30 days

Non Qualify: Prize Draw Entry

Payout: eGift Cards, Charity Donations, PayPal

Minimum Payout: 550 Points ($5)

  1. Claire permalink

    It’s not a bad site but recently they were showing a survey available for me but whenever I tried to do it, I was told that there was maintenance happening….this went on for a few days. Today I logged on, and a survey was available….I answered all the starter questions, like age, gender etc, but then suddenly it just said “thank you for doing this survey” and the survey just disappeared,so no points for that one. You have to watch them and complain.

  2. Hi Claire,
    Sometimes what happens is its the actual survey going under maintenance, which the actual survey company has no control of. Also you may get errors if you have completed the same survey on another survey site.

  3. john permalink

    defiantly one of the best survey sites in my opinion, i cash out at least $5 – $15 a day, and theres always a good amount of surveys which i actually qualify for most of the time!

  4. Henry permalink

    So I had a great July with this site ($40!) But have noticed since the 1st of this month the point incentives have gone all wierd, like 175 for a 25 minute, 215 for a 30 minute etc. I think this is the Global Test Market influence kicking in which can only be bad!

    • Lately i have been doing a few MySurvey surveys at GlobalTestMarket and GlobalTestMarket Surveys at MySurvey. It looks like MySurvey are doing away with the 10 points if you are screened out and replacing that with prize draw entries like GlobalTestMarket did a few years ago so it looks like MySurvey maybe looking at some changes.

      • Henry permalink

        They’ve really fallen away in this month. Paying less, Not paying for screen outs and the surveys I get are not at all user friendly. Its disappointing to see them fall away they were great for so long.

  5. Henry permalink

    Not to mention im screened from 9/10 surveys conveniently. Whats the point of the profile surveys?

    • Profile Surveys i suppose to be used to match you with upcoming survey opportunities.I hope they realise that people are not going to pay much attention to long surveys paying a small amount of points and most people will just choose the easiest answers in their survey rather than giving their true opinion. I will stick with MySurvey for a bit longer mainly because you only need 575 points for $5 PayPal.

  6. Fay permalink

    My Survey have now stopped giving screen out points for surveys you don’t qualify for. They are now only giving you prize point if you don’t qualify for a survey. It means unfortunately that you don’t accumulate points as fast as you used too on this site. It still sends you a reasonable amount of surveys its the qualifying that is the problem.

  7. Ashley Smith permalink

    Used to be one of the best sites but has fallen away badly and often have real technical issues which seem to occur near the end of surveys. Sitting at 2020 points. When I redeem my coles card i am outta there

    • Hi Ashley,
      I Agree you with you MySurvey is not as good as it use to be, GlobalTestMarket which is a related survey site to MySurvey is way better, i qualify for most surveys at GlobalTestMarket and am able to cash out 1100 points most months with GlobalTestMarket.

  8. Julia permalink

    I joined with My Survey on Tuesday did not log in to the survey site for 2 days and my account was marked “inactive” and that I would have to join up again if I wanted any more surveys. So I contacted them and asked ‘why”. As yet I have not had a reply.

    • Hi Julia,
      Its possible you didn’t confirm your membership when you joined MySurvey, sometimes confirmation emails end up in your junk folder, please check their and try to confirm your membership again, if that doesn’t work maybe sign up again and be sure to confirm your membership.

  9. Sam permalink

    There is something seriously wrong with My Survey at the moment. Mine, along with many others accounts have been made inactive for no reason. You may need to look into this and make a note in your review to make people aware that there is something wrong with this survey site. It isn’t good to get people to sign up to this site if they are going to get shafted.

    If you do a google search for “My Survey account inactive” you should see what I mean.

    • Hi Sam,
      Have you asked MySurvey why your account has been made inactive? I had a problem a few years ago when I clicked on a survey link from MySurvey when I was overseas, after I emailed them they restored my account.

      • Sam permalink

        I did ask them why my account was inactive and they said it was something I did wrong in the registration process. I had no idea what I did wrong so I emailed back asking what the specific problem was and they said they couldn’t tell me because of their privacy policy (it makes no sense to me why they can’t tell me what I did wrong). So really, where can I go from there?

        A lot of points and time down the drain. I’ll settle with the other sites such as Globaltestmarket and My Opinions.

      • Hi Sam,
        I dont know what else you can do. GlobalTestMarket is owned by the same company as MySurvey so make sure you cash out as soon as you have enough points and MyOpinions is owned by the same people as OpinionWorld.

  10. Annie permalink

    My survey used to be great but I agree it is not as good anymore, I spent over 30 minutes on a survey the other night and went I submitted it said there was a technical problem, contacted them and basically told the quota was full and this can happen anytime during the survey, really at the last question, I received nothing for all that time, as soon as I have enough points that’s it for me,

    • Hi Annie,
      It is rough when you spend over 30 minutes then the quota is full, you would think if you could start the survey you would be able to complete it. Unfortunately this happens with other survey sites to. That’s why I never do any survey over 20 minutes long.

  11. Bridget foley permalink

    I am trying to create an account with global test market and it wont accept my email address???

  12. Belinda permalink

    I am also thinking of giving this away after doing it for many years. Low paying, constantly getting screened out 10 or 20 minutes into a survey. Lots of technical errors right at the end of surveys.

    • Hi Belinda,
      If you log into your MySurvey account you can see a list of recent surveys you have done and you can then click on “report issue” and let them know you have had a problem with a particular survey.

  13. K p permalink

    Website doesn’t work after signing up, tells me there’s no surveys available and to try finishing my profile which just times out continuously. Don’t waste your time

    • Hi K p,
      The MySurvey website is working fine for me, so dont know why you are having problems, once you sign up it can take a few days before you start receiving surveys.

  14. Jjay permalink

    Total RIP OFF site joined this and must of had at least 15 surveys, most getting 75% finished and then saying it just filled up or you don’t qualify. Wasted hours on this site trying their surveys near completing them then getting nothing for it. STAY AWAY there are HONEST legit sites that do give rewards for honest completion of surveys. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  15. shirley permalink

    I’ve had it with Mysurvey!!!!. Either the surveys fail to launch or they fail to pay and when you ask them to look into it and credit points due, they look at one. Ive got 16 surveys that I’m questioning payment for. You get sooo little in the first place and if you have to chase and beg as well…well it’s just not worth it. Other companies are sooooo much better.

    • Hi shirley,
      Not sure why you are having problems with so many surveys, I qualify for about half the surveys I get from MySurvey, sometimes after you finish a survey you may not be redirected back to the MySurvey, but when that’s happened I have still always been paid by MySurvey.

  16. shirley permalink

    You are missing the points…I’m not being screened out of that many surveys and when I raise the question as to why there has been nothing for 16 surveys they looked into one which was the most recent. I get almost a pre-printed reply. I have also had three surveys in the last two days that failed to launch…their reply was the same for the three reports…’this happens sometimes…sorry’. Reading through your site it appears that a lot of people are having problems. You also don’t hear from the large amount of people who could not be bothered to make a comment here or who don’t about your site….I do surveys for a number of sites and NONE of them are like this one.

  17. Bel permalink

    I agree with Shirley. Very low pay for the time it takes and the amount I fully complete and then don’t get paid for or get error as you press submit is ridiculous.

  18. shirley permalink

    Thanks Bel…ive just had a further reply from ‘Mysurvey’ which is a brush over…still not giving me points owed…

    • Hi shirley,
      Sorry you are having so many problems with MySurvey, it might be worthwhile to give them a rest for a while and focus on some of the other survey sites.

  19. Shirley permalink

    I did a 60 minute survey for ‘my survey’ and at the very end ie last screen I get an error message. 60 minutes and they did not pay me. I raised the issue with them and they thanked me for drawing it to their attention. … but didn’ pay and they claimed the matter ‘solved’. I responded again saying that it was not ‘solved’ and requested they look further into as an hour is a large commitment of time. Still no reply. Previously I had no end of problems with them and stepped away for a while… recently started again with them.
    There is a lot of trust going on here…you do the time and they pay you…all good until THEY have a technical error which happens with ‘ my survey’ a lot and you get nothing. Not fair and is a betrayal of the trust.

  20. Shirley permalink

    Once again they are having a server error and all you get is this message

    “”We’re sorry – an error has occurred… Please contact us if the error continues. “”
    “”Thank you for your understanding and patience.

    This means they have been down now for at least 4 hours. This happens often or you get this message when you finish a survey on the last page an you don’t get apid.

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