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TGM Panel

TGM Panel Australia is a newer site to Australia which pays through PayPal.

TGM appear to be just a middle man for survey companies and don’t seem to have their own surveys. Most of the surveys at TGM Panel are from Cint and YourSurveys. You can still make money with TGM and appears you do get something for the surveys you don’t qualify for.

You will find in your TGM account two balances one is for the points system which is used to calculated your earnings for referring people, filling out you profile and not qualifying for a survey. 1 Points = 1 AUD. The other is your cash balance where your earnings from successfully competed surveys are added.

Payment at TGM Panel Australia is via PayPal. Once you have earned $16.83 from surveys you can request to be paid. You can expect the first payment in about 10 business days, future payments should take around 4-6 business days.

To make even more money from the TGM Panel Australia you can refer people and you will earn 20% commission of what they earn, so feel free to sign up with my referral link below.

Join TGM Panel Australia

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