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QOR Surveys Review

QOR Surveys was previously Bluejay Surveys if you have a membership with Bluejay Surveys your points balance will be transferred to QOR Surveys. So far i have received very little survey invites from QOR Surveys.

QOR Surveys Fast Facts

Non Qualify: Prize Draw entry

Payout eGift Cards, PayPal

Minimum Payout: $30

Join QOR Surveys

  1. Andrew Chung permalink

    Redeemed my reward over a month without being paid. Sent emails to customer support many times without reply. Called them on phone and always answered by a machine. Left messages on machine and still no call back. Just wonder whether it is a genuine survey website.

    • Hi Andrew,
      I know when they were previously called Blue Jay Surveys people had trouble getting their payments but eventually they did pay up.

    • suesan dulcie hill permalink

      Going through the same as you . So disappointed after waiting so long

  2. Suesan hill permalink

    Cannot contact them

  3. richard cowen permalink

    ever since the co. changed to QOR, i have not been able to login, nor even get a response to “find Password” !!!

  4. Hi richard cowen,
    Its probably best to give QOR Surveys a miss.

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