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Withdraw from just $5 at MySurvey

June 22, 2018

Note: MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket have been merged into the LifePoints Panel

You can now withdraw from just $5 (550 points) from MySurvey, like you can at GlobalTestMarket. Looks like GlobalTestMarket and MySurvey are trying to standardize their points and rewards systems.

Rewards from $5 at MySurvey

You may also choose a Coles eGift Card or Unicef donation for 550 points = $5.

Most surveys i do for MySurvey are 125 points which works out to be about $1.13 a survey so after just 5 surveys i can cash out.

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  1. 123 permalink

    My survey has no PayPal sucks

    • I agree, and it looks like they will never get PayPal back. But i do find the Woolworths eGift cards pretty good because they can be used for a lot of things such as for alcohol at Dan Murphys, petrol at Woolworths branded petrol stations, mobile phone recharge at Woolworths and Opal recharges in many NSW stores as well as grocery shopping, not as good as PayPal but still plenty of places and things to use for Woolworths eGift cards for.

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