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GlobalTestMarket Review

Note: GlobalTestMarket is now known as the LifePoints panel

Note: From the end of July 2017 GlobalTestMarket changed their points currency from Market points to LifePoints.

GlobalTestMarket is a great USA based  survey panel, this panel is open to people all over the world. I have been a member of this panel for over 15 years and have received numerous surveys and payouts from them.

They have many survey opportunities for Australians. Surveys can be about movies, automobiles, restaurants, consumer products as well as many other topics of interest.

Most surveys at GlobalTestMarket will take around 20 minutes to complete. You normally get paid 125  LifePoints for a 20 minute survey, with longer surveys paying more and shorter surveys paying less, some surveys can pay as high as equivalent to $5 but dont expect to many surveys paying that much with GlobalTestMarket.

GlobalTestMarket is well worth joining as although they dont have the highest paying surveys, i do receive very frequent surveys from GlobalTestMarket anywhere from 1 -5 surveys per day on average i receive from GlobalTestMarket.

Minimum payout is 550 points ($5) at GlobalTestMarket. You can choose to rewarded with PayPal and eGift Cards. Cheques are no longer available from GlobalTestMarket.

GlobalTestMarket Fast Facts

Open to Australians 14 years of age and older

Non Qualify: Sweepstakes Entries

Payout: eGift Cards, Charity Donations, PayPal

Minimum Payout: 550 Points ($5)

  1. Henry permalink

    may be just me, but since their site was revamped the surveys have dried up. Add the fact that their redemption threshold has risen and globaltestmarket doesn’t look at good as it used to. Pity, they were one of the better payers.

    • Hi, Henry im still getting a good amount of surveys from GlobalTestMarket, it seems to help if you do a few of the sweepstakes surveys every now again. The redemption level was only raised by 100 points if you select the check option. Also log into the site to see if there are any surveys waiting for you there, unfortunately when you do the surveys from the site you dont know how long the survey will be and what the reward will be until you finish it. I still think GlobalTestMarket is one of the better panels, but it would be nice if they lowered there minimum amount for redemption.

      • Chris permalink

        they mark you out of every survey, dont waste your time.

  2. Henry permalink

    I’ve found a way to solve your problem of knowing the time/points of a survey! However you do need a smartphone. The smartphone app (although being pretty useless as ive never completed a survey through it) is good for telling you survey details!

  3. Henry permalink

    And yes maybe I should update my profile/do some sweeps and hopefully business picks up!

  4. Henry permalink

    If I were to cash out with check, with the US dollar to AU dollar, I would receive around $54 AU right?

    Also, I’ve never cashed out with GTM (am very close), how long does the check take to arrive?


  5. Hi Henry, thats great you are close to being able to cash out. GTM converts your earnings to Australian Dollars and you are sent a check issued from an Australian bank which makes it easy to cash. Depending on the exchange rate $US50 will be around $AUS54. I have received checks form GTM in as little as 3 weeks, but normally its closer to 4-6 weeks, but allow up to 8 weeks. Checks i have received have been send out from Canada or France so this may be a factor on how quick your check arrives.

  6. Eugene Palaszczuk permalink

    I have been trying to access the web site for about a week now to check my rewards without any joy. What’s going on?

    • Hi Eugene,
      There is no problems with the GlobalTestMarket site i would think the problem is with your computer. If you go to internet options and click delete cookies and history this normally fixes the problem, you could also try using another computer to check your account this would confirm if it is a problem with your computer. Hope this helps.

  7. Fay permalink

    I joined this sight around 6 months ago now and have already received a PayPal payment of $50. They send a lot of surveys, but have found if your with My Survey you’ll get the same surveys, but I don’t see to qualify for them with My Survey even though I did with GTM maybe they change qualifications in them. This site needs less points for redemptions and sometimes you can get 4 surveys a day from them. Hopefully they will continue to do that in the New Year. I have enough points for another $50 but will leave that for next year.

    • Hi Fay,
      I do really with GlobalTestMarket, often i am able to cash out each month with GlobalTestMarket, if you don’t mind receiving a cheque for your rewards its converted from US currency into Australian currency, which its really good at the moment, my last check for $50 worth of points ended up being about $58 in Australian currency, cheques take about 4-6 weeks to deliver though.

      • Fay permalink

        I use their PayPal for Rewards and have cashed out another $50.

  8. That’s great Fay 🙂

  9. Fay permalink

    Have redeemed 3 times since joining via PayPal. Pays really well and now they have an area where if y u log on and there are no surveys for you you can actually click on the section and search for one or more.

    • Hi Fay,
      With GlobalTestMarket you can also request a cheque at 1100 points for $US50, the check is converted to Australian Dollars so it works out to be more than $A60 with the current exchange rate, the cheque is in Australian currency and they use an Australian bank to write the cheques so its no problem depositing the cheque.

  10. Fay permalink

    I’ve never been able to see the cheque option on my account although you and others I have blogged with on other survey sites have been able to redeem in this fashion.
    Of all the choices on my account there are none for cheque, don’t know why.

    • Hi Fay,
      When you go to redemptions at GlobalTestMarket, on the left side of the screen you can see rewards by category, you can see the check option their.

  11. Tev mart permalink

    Global lately does not reply to when report a problem surveys, Many of their surveys have glitches, so you can complete a survey and they conveniently pay you in useless sweapstakes instead….They are not generous with the points they pay….
    Example : A typical survey approx 25 to 30 minutes in length for 30 to 35 points which is equivalent to $1.20 to $1.40 payment….They conveniently on many occasions at the end of the survey pay 10 sweapstakes instead which are worthless…….They are time wasters and don’t bother replying……..To earn $50 you need to spend 30 to 40 hours and you are also confronted with a lot a dodgy surveys that dont pay up…….Rating 2 out of 10…….POOR

    • Belinda permalink

      Agree….. Lots of time with little incentive

  12. shaun permalink

    This used to be my favourite survey site by far. For over a year and a half I was apply to cash in $50 pay pal each and every month without fail. However, in the last four months all I have done is the odd survey here or there. I was wondering if anyone else has felt this or is just me.

    • Hi shaun,
      I’m still getting a lot of surveys from GlobalTestMarket, normally I can cash out $50 every 1-2 months. If you haven’t joined Valued Opinions give that a go, I’m getting 2 X $20 Vouchers every month from Valued Opinions.

      • shaun permalink

        Thanks for the reply, Yes I have joined Valued Opinions and I agree with you they are very good for vouchers, probably the best out of all the sites. The problem is I have got more vouchers then I know what to do with as I have joined every single site I can including all the ones you have suggested on here plus a few more and I collect vouchers regularly.
        That’s why I liked Global Test Market as it was a Pay Pal cash out which is what I prefer.
        Anyway keep up the good work on this site and I have a few other sites that I recommend if your interested let me know.

  13. Hi shaun,
    A lot of survey sites now give giftpay vouchers which greatly improves the choices of vouchers. Coles and Woolworths vouchers can be used to buy things like mobile phone recharges and the Woolworths ones you can even use to pay for petrol at the Woolworths petrol stations. You can also sell vouchers on eBay if you want to get money in your PayPal account, unfortunately you will have eBay and PayPal fees if you do that.
    I’m always interested in looking at other survey sites, feel free to recommend some survey sites that you are doing well with.

  14. Tyler Rock permalink

    It doesn’t seem anyone has mentioned it, but GlobalTestMarket is HORRIBLE when it comes to redemption. 1000 points minimum? You can’t get so much as a cent out of GlobalTestMarket without earning $50 worth, and from my experience that’ll take you more than three months! GlobalTestMarket tries to shroud this until you go to make your purchase, and doesn’t even tell you until you have enough to redeem… except that you don’t, because you can’t redeem until 1000.

    • Hi Tyler Rock,
      I have written a few times about the high redemption for GlobalTestMarket although i would prefer it to be lower i get a lot of surveys from GlobalTestMarket so i stick with them. If you like a survey site with a lower redemption, try MySurvey its run by the same people as GlobalTestMarket and you only need 1100 points = $10 for a reward,

  15. Viktoria permalink

    I am confused. I start doing a survey and then it gives me this: Sorry, the maximum number of responses has been met. Thanks for your time!
    What does it mean??

    • Hi Viktoria.
      Sometimes surveys fill up, so you are unable to complete them. Try and complete surveys as soon as you get them and you should have a better chance of getting accepted for the survey.

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