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Your Opinion Review

YourOpinion is a good survey panel with regular survey opportunities, at the end of each survey you can choose to be credited with cash or entries to the regular prize draws.

With Your Opinion you only need to earn $5 to claim a E-Voucher, if you would like to be reward with PayPal you need to earn $20.

Your Opinion Fast Facts

Open to Australians 14 years and over

Refer a friend: $1 once your friend completes their first survey

Payout: Paypal, Giftpay, EFTPOS Cards, Charity Donations

Non Qualify: 20 cents

Payout: eGift Cards, PayPal, VISA Card, Charity Donations

Minimum Payout: $5

Join YourOpinion

Join Your Opinion and earn money for completing surveys. Low cash out of only $5. Join today.


  1. Rospat permalink

    Very slow,not many surveys.

  2. Hi Rospat, Make sure your profile is up to date with your opinion, i normally get 4 payouts each year with your opinion.

  3. Rospat permalink

    My profile is up to date , as I am not stupid. There are just not many surveys. 4 payouts a year is not exactly worth holding your breath for.

    • Its $80 per year for me and they pay with paypal, you also get 20cents if you dont qualify, maybe not worth it for you, but i still think its worth particpating with your opinion.

  4. stephanie permalink

    $80 is not enough. so far the best one is still opinion world, i get $60 in 2 months, i am looking for a better one but still cant find any? do you know any survey sites with low redemption threshold like Opinion World ($10) and no waiting period for the points to be credited and also no waiting period for the cash to be transferred to your paypal account? please let me knw. coz so far only Ow does this

  5. Hi Stephanie, My Survey has a low redemption threshold of only 575 points = $5, they take about
    5 -7 days to sent the money to paypal, although not instant its well worth joining. Click here to join My Survey.

  6. Helen permalink

    Most of my surveys end up paying 20c which I guess is non-qualifying. It took about a year to earn $20. Difficult as I am a senior person with no children so I don’t qualify for a lot of surveys. My Survey is good and so are Rewards Central and My Opinions; Opinionworld is not bad either.

  7. Henry permalink

    I made $60 with them this month – and am already on $6.50 towards the next payout. Is it true they are invite only to join now? Maybe that’s the reason to my success.

    • Hi Henry is great you are doing well with your opinion, currently you can join directly at the website. Your Opinion doesnt really do much advertising for new members so its more of a word of mouth panel, maybe thats the reason to your success.

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