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Stable Research – Stable Soap Box Review

Stable Research  have refreshed their community and the new community is now called Stable Soapbox .

  Stable Soapbox is a FREE online community that offers many benefits including:
Your chance to win great prizes.
Your chance to get more rewards.
Your chance to tell us exactly what you think.

Stable Soapbox have made a few changes to the redemption procedure. Its now  easier to be rewarded. Points earned at Stable Soapbox can now be redeemed for eGift Cards. These can be used at many different outlets.

 You need less points to redeem an eGift Card – the minimum accumulation for redemption is NOW $10.00. (100 points is equivalent to $1)

It should be noted points are removed If you have not completed any surveys or questionnaires with Stable SoapBox in any 6 month period. So make sure you redeem as soon as you have enough points.

Stable Research also do paid discussion groups. Paid discussion groups can pay from $30.00 to $250.00 per hour. Rewards can be paid in a number of ways. For example you may be paid via Eftpos or via eGift or even cash.
Rewards: Gift Cards

Minimum Payout: 1000 Points = $10

Click Here to Join Stable Research

  1. Fay permalink

    I’ve been with these guys for a while now and I’ve only had 4 surveys from them in that time. They do have focus groups too but I have yet to qualify for one. I’ll stick with it though.

  2. shirley permalink

    I agree…takes forever to sign up and do all your profiles and they send you ONE survey within minutes of signing up…then nothing for weeks and weeks…still only had one

    • Hi shirley,
      I agree stable soapbox dont sent many surveys, but they do a lot of focus groups, hopefully you can qualify for a focus group.

  3. shirley permalink

    9 feb 2017 was when I signed up and they sent me a survey immediately..had nothing 13 mar. I have ‘contacted’ them a number of times to ask if they still exist. Silence was the reply. Can anyone tell if they are still running..maybe need to close my account.???

  4. shirley permalink

    …and how does one get onto a focus group??? already opted for everything they offered in the setup

    • Hi shirley,
      Stable Research tries to email people who may be a good fit for upcoming focus groups, you can also monitor their Facebook page for focus groups and call them if you see a focus group coming up which you think you may be a good fit for.

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