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PinchMe Review

Note: PINCHme is no longer operating in Australia, the information below is related to the period when PINCHme operated in Australia.

PinchMe is a site where you order free samples, try the product answer a quick survey about the product and you receive reward points.

New Members start on level 1 and can order only 1 sample per week.

Pinch Me have 5 Levels:

Leve1 1: Newbie Sampler – Access 1 free sample Per Week.

Level 2: Newbie Sampler – Access One sample per day.

Level 3: Super Sampler Club – Entry to the monthly grocery draw.

Level 4: Super Sampler Club – Great Surprise samples and rewards.

Level 5: Super Sampler Club – Receive $25 pinching card for every 100,000 points.

Points can be earned from sampling products, daily visit to the site, referring friends, liking them on facebook and completing feedback on the samples received.

If you like free samples it may be worth joining, but the free samples run out very fast so check regular you might get lucky.

As you can see from the reviews below it can be difficult to get a free sample, making it hard to move up the levels. Pinch Me do send the occasional survey out, where you may qualify for a free sample if you are the type of person they are looking for.

  1. Linda permalink

    Do not waste yr time joining Pinch Me as they have not been able to cater for the demand from current members. The samples come out on Tuesday each week & are gone within seconds leaving many people disappointed & frustrated. An example of what has been available was last week they offered a sample of a can of salmon which was gone so quickly that it sparked many complaints on FB from members who had logged in early hoping to get a product sample. They do not have much variety to offer & the most I have seen is 2 different products per week, unless they increase the amount of products they offer each week it is not worth the time to register an account.

  2. rose permalink

    linda i agree with you..ive even subscribed to the newsletter and suppose to recieve an email alert about the new samples available..dont waste your could be using your time better joining other paid survey sites..

  3. jessie permalink

    pinch me is the worst site i have signed up for. it was great at the very start when i got my first sample. but how are you supposed to make it through the ranks to super sampler if you cant get access to the bloody samples, DONT JOIN.

  4. Robyn Williams permalink

    I agree I log in every day at different times and I have never been able to get a sample as they have all gone. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.

  5. Colleen permalink

    I received my first sample on 23 March. Since then I have logged in hundreds of times to find the samples ‘out of stock’ and yes, forget the alerts – they don’t come. Today I fluked it and found some samples. Claimed the first one, went to the next one (yes, hungry for samples now!) and the response was “Sorry, you have reached your sample limit.”. Are they serious. One sample every 3 months and I’ve reached my limit despite their claim that I’m eligible for ‘up to’ one sample a day – that’s drawing a very long bow. NOT how they promoted themselves. Don’t waste your time.

  6. Murray permalink

    Pinch me is waste of time and effort. I asked for email alerts, guess what none received.
    You cannot get samples unless you logon in the micro second that a few samples are available.

    All you get is frustrated at the manufacturers who would love you use their products.

    PINCH ME if I forget how bas they are and try for another sample on this website

  7. Helen permalink

    I absolutely agree. Have only had one sample in all the months I have been with them. Now there seems to be only one sample “offered” at any given time and they are always out of stock.

  8. Jancele Jump permalink

    I guess I have been a lucky one so far I have received some really nice samples ….I enjoy getting free stuff and so far I am excited about the whole thing.

  9. Tamara permalink

    I don’t think that 99.9% of Pinch Me Samples are even real. I sat here today with my email open… waiting for noon when the new ones are “SUPPOSEDLY” released? The Second that I got the notice I clicked the link & logged in… Both samples as ALWAYS said “PUT OF STOCK” There is NO WAY!!!! They sell out in the 2-3 seconds it took me to click the link & log in… I do believe that 99.9% of the time it’s all a Lying Hoax.

    • Hi Tamara,
      Pinch Me is not a hoax, i have received over 10 samples from them now, i am not sure who told you to wait til noon for samples as they are released at various times. You can join the pinch me Facebook page to find out exactly when new samples are released or watch the ozbargain site, they are normally pretty good at telling everyone when there is new samples and i also try to post here on Aussie Online Surveys when i know new samples are released.

  10. Linh permalink

    Probably the biggest waste of time and effort! Since I’ve signed up, I’ve only been able to obtain roughly 5 samples. I log on daily and every single time I do, the samples are “out of stock”. They have an e-mail alert service for new samples but I haven’t received ONE notification yet about a new sample! I’m lucky to get one sample every 3-4 months! Ridiculous, don’t even bother.

    • Hi Linh,
      It can be difficult to get samples from PinchMe, they occasionally send out samples via email invite only, to make it easier for people who keep missing out on the samples through the website.

  11. susan permalink

    I just received my box yesterday it had body was lotion tea mix and parmesean cheese. I was very impressed…I have tried the other free samples sign ups…and after 4 mths haven’t heard from them

  12. jessica permalink

    i’ve tried pinchme i’m still waiting on my first box to get here and i’m really excited…i can’t complain cause it’s totally free with just a review needed if i don’t get a sample i don’t find it to be that big of a deal since i’m not paying for it monthly or by product…i guess i would get kind of upset if i tried for months and couldn’t get anything though..but it’s nice to be able to try it at least 🙂

  13. KayKay permalink

    I thought I was suppose to write reviews about my samples? My profile is all the sudden not showing that I have even received any samples?

    • Hi KayKay,
      I checked my profile and its working fine at Pinchme, maybe they had technical problems earlier, try signing out and signing back in and hopefully it will be back to normal.

  14. anne permalink

    Finding the site hard to use as I was near the points for a cash bonus then did they stopped or is this a scam Anne

    • Hi anne,
      From their email send 30th March 2017
      As PINCHme is part of the Lux Group (Luxury Escapes, Cudo, Brands Exclusive & more!) you may see a pop-up message, when logging in. This pop-up message appears only if you have an account with one or more of the Lux Group sites shown in the pop up message.

      If you do receive this pop up, then please login to your PINCHme account using the login details that you would normally use for one of these other Lux Group businesses.

      The key differences are:
      At this stage your account has only basic information showing – more will appear in time.
      Your reward points do not show at present – do not fear, we have all your past points and will bring this back.
      When you claim your next sample, you will be asked to verify your mobile and to enter your delivery address. At this stage you cannot enter your delivery address directly onto your

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