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Whats your engagement score at Univox Community?

July 10, 2018

Univox Community has a new way for earning points, you earn engagement points from completing surveys, referring friends and withdrawing your earnings and who ever has the most engagement points at the end of the day wins points, their is also a monthly prize for the top 20.

I reached rank 1 at Univox Community!

Engagement Score Prizes at Univox Community

Univox Community have certainly improved their surveys over the years and when you do not qualify you will normally get paid up to 5 points for trying. Most surveys pay between 50 and 100 points (about US$0.50-$US1.00).

I have reached premium level at Univox Community which means i can withdraw once i have earned 1500 points. New users at first need to reach 2500 points to withdraw, then after you have made a withdrawal you can be upgraded to verified where you can withdraw from 2000 points, then after a couple of withdrawals you will be upgraded to premium.

Univox Community pays out through PayPal and once you get to premium level it takes less than 48 hours. You can also choose a prepaid Visa card if you prefer.

If you havent joined Univox Community yet you can join here

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