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Flexi eGift Cards now available at YouGov

June 2, 2017

YouGov are now offering Flexi eGift Cards which is handy if you don’t have a PayPal account, unfortunately they don’t offer as much value as if you were to make a PayPal redemption at YouGov.

E-Gift Vouchers are now available at YouGov

At YouGov once you have earned 5000 points you can claim $25 PayPal reward, but if you decide to get a eGift Card at 5000 points you will only get a $20 eGift Card, so you are $A3 worse of if you claim the Flexi eGift Card, if you can wait to save up 10,000 YouGov points you can choose a $50 Flexi eGift card which is a lot better value than the $20 eGift Card.

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