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Caféstudy Review

Caféstudy is a good survey panel although don’t expect to many surveys from them. Each time you complete a survey you will be rewarded between 2 to 50 points according to the length of the survey.

They also have “cafe chat” where you can chat about all sorts of current topics in a forum type environment, although you don’t earn points when you participate in “cafe chat”.

There are also cafe communities where members can chat to other members about there hobbies and interests such as travel, fitness, technology, fashion, house & garden as well as food and wine.

Payout: Bank Deposit, E-Gift Cards, PayPal

Non Qualify: 2 Points Minimum

Minimum Payout: $20

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  1. Lin permalink

    I have been a member of Cafestudy for some years & found it has dropped off with very few surveys coming through, even considering cancelling my membership with them. It takes approx 1 year or longer to earn enough points to cash in $20 & I earned nothing in the last 12 months. It is more focused on forum chat which does not pay for opinions & barely used by members now. In my opinion it is a waste of my time since forums don’t pay & I am not sure how useful it is for companies to use when developing business strategies & services.

  2. Hi, Lin you have made some good points in your comment, i do agree it takes about 1 year to earn enough points to cash out, but lately i have had a few invites for mobile surveys so i would suggest to make sure your mobile phone number is up to date if you can use your mobile for surveys and you might get invited to a few surveys soon.

  3. Claire permalink

    I joined but have not had any surveys, and it’s been a while. I notice that the café chat forum is very very quiet so I conclude that this site is not very popular. Have decided to quit Cafestudy.

  4. Hi Claire, some panels can be a little slow, but remember if you quit a panel you will lose any points you have already earned. If you are to quit a panel i recommonded you earn enough points to redeem before quiting any panel.

  5. paul permalink

    why dont you join RewardsCentral it takes a while to get started but $30.00 two to three times a year is better than $40.00 a year from cafe

  6. Cameron Barrack permalink

    Hi im a cafestudy member but dont seem to be getting any surveys can you please give me some as im unemployed @ the moment @ desperate for $$$$ thanks.

    • Hi Cameron,
      Caféstudy is not a really busy survey panel, with most members only getting 1 or 2 payouts each year. Make sure you join all the panels on the front page of my site as it all adds up, i normally make about $200 each month from the various survey panels listed on my site.

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