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The Panel Station Review

Once you join the Panel Station you can complete surveys for points. For each survey at The Panel Station you will normally be paid between 100 and 5000 points depending on the complexity and length of each survey.

100 points is about 17 cents and 5000 points about $8.

The Panel Station Fast Facts

Open to Australians 15 years of age and over

Payout: Gift Cards

Minimum Payout: 3000 Points ($5)

  1. Henry permalink

    How have you found this site? Good to see more PayPal offering sites are popping up!

    • HI Henry,
      Someone send me a message about it, so i thought i would check it out.

    • Kerry permalink

      I have been a member of the panel station for a while, enough to earn 3150 points. The problem being that I want to redeem them for a voucher but when I click on redeem, it asks me to put in my mobile number so that I can receive a verification pin via SMS. I have done this at least 30 times but my verification sms does not come. I have emailed them 3 times but from my Hotmail account and not via the panel station site because when I click the contact us button, the drop down box does not work. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS SITE, I AM SURE IT IS A SCAM, having said that I have emailed them again today and have threatened them with further action to the competition and consumer department. Will wait and see what happens.

      • Hi Kerry.
        The Panel Staton is not a scam, i have already been paid twice by them, its possible you are not entering your mobile number correctly, the drop down box does work if its not working for you try a different browser. Make sure you are are emailing them at the write address: you can also ask them to look into your problem at their facebook page.

  2. Fay permalink

    I have looked at this site, clicked on their Terms and conditions and there is none. Their Privacy Policy seems okay. Have you had many surveys from them?

    • Hi Fay,
      Im getting a few surveys from them, but not enough to cash out just yet. The Panel Station has been operating in many countries for a number of years, they are based in India. Its a genuine survey site but their website can be confusing.

      • Fay permalink

        Thanks for that. I tried to access their rewards page from the FAQS screen to see what sort of vouchers they send but nothing happens with the link. Is this normal? Also the Terms and Conditions still appear to have nothing in them even using the link you sent. Really not sure about his site think I’ll leave joining it for now.

      • Hi Fay,
        I have already earned over 1000 points with The Panel Station, once I have received a reward from the panel station I will let everyone know.

    • Hi Fay,
      I finally reached enough points for a reward at The Panel Station. Read about it here:

  3. Janet permalink

    I can’t register , I fill out all details but the link won’t take me to the next page been trying for days about to give up

  4. georgy permalink

    its a waste of time,i already have 3000 points and I cant redeem. the redeem button is not working at all and they never reply. .

    • Hi Georgy,
      Try with Google Chrome or on a mobile device, I was able to redeem a few weeks ago using Chrome, but Internet Explorer wouldn’t work.

  5. Sam permalink

    I had 12000+ points but as the redeem button wouldn’t work I could not get them. I was fobbed off by the company, in effect being told it was my fault. I stopped doing their surveys, but they kept emailing. Eventually I replied with an email saying that, if they ever gave me my points, I’d do the surveys. They sent the points but they’re not receivable for 6 to 8 weeks. Can you believe that! Definitely a scam. They want you to keep on filling stuff out yet not rewarding you. Other countries where they operate have complaints sites with the same stories about them.

    • Hi Sam,
      Try using the redeem button with Chrome, it doesn’t seem to work with Internet Explorer, as soon as you reach 3000 points I would be cashing out, I hope you can get it sorted, you can also contact them on Facebook maybe they will be more helpful their.

  6. Yolanda Greeff permalink

    Hi there,I’m a South African resident.Can I become involved in the Australian Panel Station.Thank you. Yolanda Greeff

    • Hi Yolanda Greeff,
      The Panel Station operates in South Africa, unfortunately I don’t have a sign up link for the South African version, I only have the sign up link for The Panel Station Australian site.

  7. lucky permalink

    this is totally fake..i also getting trouble in redemption of points..i daily use to verify number atleast 20-25 times but they didn’t responds.!! i suggest leave away from this site this is wastage of time!!!?

    • Hi Lucky,
      I have received a redemption from The Panel Station, they are not fake but dont really pay well, check to see you have earned 3000 points, if you have and have trouble in the redemption process you can try a different browser, i know people were having trouble with IE when trying to redeem from The Panel Station, if that still doesn’t work try asking them on their FB page.

  8. Neerudu Praveen Kumar permalink

    Not giving any points or cash for this surveys so much problem for this panel station

  9. esther permalink

    Does this include Nigeria??

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