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My First Redemption at The Panel Station

April 24, 2015

I know a few people have asked if The Panel Station Australia actually pays out, so here is my experience with cashing out at The Panel Station.

Well its taken a while to reach 3000 points at The Panel Station Australia but I finally reached it and made a redemption.

Below is the screen you get which gives you the available choices for a redemption for The Panel Station Australia.

Panel Station Redemption Choices

Panel Station Redemption Choices

I choose the PayPal option other choices are Make a Wish and Red Cross Donation and gift card.

One thing I noticed is their is no mention on what the reward value is I am only guessing my reward will be $5 PayPal.

The Pane Station Australia

Above You Can See That My Redemption is pending

Shortly after I requested my payout I received an email saying that my redemption would be processed within 6-8 weeks, which is a bit to long for my liking.

The good news is that The Panel Station looks to be a genuine site which pays you, the bad news is many of their surveys only pay 400 points, but you do get some higher paid surveys paying around 1500 points, I think I will just stick to the higher paying surveys now. The Panel Station does give you 20 points if you are screened out which is nice as many survey sites don’t give points for screen outs these days.

Read more about The Panel Station Here

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  1. Fay permalink

    I keep getting emails from them to download the web app which I refuse to do. If I’m on the computer doing a survey from them I fail o see why I need their app to do it.
    I get surveys from them from time to time but most seem to be updates of my profile which then screens me out of the survey. Weird.

    • I think we are all getting emails to download The Panel Station App. it suppose to tell you instantly when new surveys are available, but for the amount of surveys I get from them which is not a lot, I’m also not interested in downloading The Panel Station App.

  2. casea permalink

    I choose Paypal and click “submit” button, but the button does not work. I fail to redeem points.

    • Hi casea, I don’t know why your redemption didn’t work, make sure you have reached 3000 points, also try using a different browser and hopefully that will work.

      • casea permalink

        I have earned more than 3000 points and tried that in different computers and browsers.
        I clicked that submit button then the page refreshed but no redemption history.

  3. Maybe try in a few days or try to contact them, I never had any problems redeeming with The Panel Station

  4. Darryl permalink

    So did you find out what 3000 points is?

  5. Teresa permalink

    I have redeemed 4 x 4000 points for coles e cards. Its been over 9 weeks for the first redemption and 8 weeks for the second redemption and I still cant get them sent via e mail. I dont think they pay up at all and I have spent hours working for the points…its supposed to be 6-8 weeks

  6. Teresa permalink

    oh and now I cant login to my account at all looks like my account has been cancelled

  7. Nonkosi VABAZA permalink

    Hi there

    I desperately need to redeem my points now but there is no option for that what so ever in ur websites.This is getting me frustrated now

    • Hi,
      Make sure you have reached the required points, then you should see the redeem button, I did have trouble seeing the redeem button with internet explorer, but no problems with chrome.

  8. Ghedaaz permalink

    Hello Everyone!

    I tried to open the link that has been send on my email account but it showed these statement, It seems that you have recently updated the profile, it will be available only after 90 days after your last update . What is the best thing I can do? Any one could help me thru your comments. I cannot wait for 90 days to start the survey.. please…

  9. Hi Ghedaaz,
    I think you only can update your profile every 90 days at The Panel Station. You should still get invited to surveys thou.

  10. Robert permalink

    How many times do I have to unsubscribe before I am actually unsubscribed, or is your unsubscribe system as slow as it is to accumulate points? Additional to that, you actually delete points if they haven’t been used after a certain time. I have 18000 points (could have been over 22000 if 4000 hadn’t been considered to have expired) which has taken me nearly 2 years to accumulate, and it is only worth around $30. For 2 years $30 is an insult. In addition to that I can’t even redeem the amount I have. I have tried to redeem them several times and am told I have to enter a code which has supposedly been sent to my mobile phone, but never arrived. And after me typing this in your unsubscribe text box, I am given a message to say “UNSUBSCRIBE FAILED”. I didn’t fail, I think that the panel station has failed

  11. vuyokazi permalink

    I don’t think this is true about getting paid here,because I’ve been trying to redeem my points but it keeps on asking me the pin that I don’t have.So I think they are just playing with people here

    • Hi vuyokazi.
      I have been paid by The Panel Station. If its asking for a PIN you might need to verify your mobile number, so make sure your mobile phone number is up to date.

  12. Angelo permalink

    Hi, why is it that I don’t have the paypal option now when i use to redeem my panel station reward via paypal. Now I have the Make a wish, the red cross, and instead of paypal there’s lazada. I emailed their customer support about this already 2 weeks ago but up to now have I have not gotten a reply.

    • Hi Angelo,
      It looks like you are in Asia. This page is about my experiences of The Panel Station Australia. Rewards may vary depending on where you live.

  13. RUTH JELAGAT permalink

    i want to redeem my points but they keep asking me a pin i dont have

  14. Mick O'keefe permalink

    The panel station pay out amounts and payments are questionable. I have redeemed 6000 points, which have disappeared from my account, but nothing in my PayPal account. The whole situation is a joke.

  15. joel permalink

    why is the paypal option not showing when i want to redeem only other options and i have 3460 points

    • Hi joel,
      Im not sure why you cant see the PayPal option, Im only up to 1500 points so cant access the general reward page. I was having problems accessing some parts of The Panel Station site whilst running ad blocker, so maybe check if thats the problem.

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