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YourVoice Review

YourVoice is a great survey panel which mainly focuses on opinions for new supermarket products such as new products to eat and products you may use around the home after successfully completing a survey some lucky people may even get a product sent to their home to test.

They will then send a follow up survey to answer questions about the product which means earning even more points.

Points add up very quickly in this panel especially if you do a few in home product tests and you also get entered into there quarterly prize draw where you get a chance to win $5000.

Points earned can be spend at there web shop where you can choose from gift cards for places such as Coles, Woolworths Group and much more. Or you can wait til you have earned 200 points and get $20 PayPal delivered instantly.

YourVoice Fast Facts

Open to Australians 14 years of age and over

Non Qualify: Prize Draw entries

Payout eGift Gards, PayPal

Mimimum Payout: $10 (Coles eGift Card)

Join YourVoice

Create your membership at YourVoice today, and earn points to spend in the Webshop. YourVoice is a rewarding experience.

  1. Henry permalink

    I find being a member of this and also Opinion World undermine eachother. I feel as if one point yourvoice wasn’t owned by SSI but now is, as their website layout has recently changed. I’m a member but am inactive, but I do recieve alot through opinion world however

    • Hi Henry,
      Your Voice use to have some really high paying surveys but is a lot quieter now, with Opinion World the busier site, i preferred your voice before they updated and “improved” there site, i mainly focus on opinion world now as you can redeem for as little as 500 points for $10 Pay Pal.

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