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YouGov Australia Review

YouGov Australia is a good survey site, where i normally qualify for every survey they send me.

Surveys are normally 20-30 questions long at YouGov, with the longest survey being about 20 minutes.

Surveys will typically pay 400 points for a 10 minute survey.

Once you have reached 5000 Points you can request to be paid via PayPal. 5000 Points = SG$25, which works out to be about $A23

YouGov will pay you in Singapore dollars but with PayPal its easy to convert it to Australian dollars.

You can also choose to rewarded with Air Asia Points or eGift Cards.

Join YouGov Australia now and get a 100 point welcoming bonus.

YouGov Australia Fast Facts

Open to Australians 18 years of age and older

Payout: PayPal, Air Asia Points, eGift Cards

Minimum Payout: $20 eGift Card

Join YouGov

YouGov what the world thinks. Join today and share your opinion about the world.

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