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YouGov Australia Review

Based on recent comments I would recommended to stop doing surveys with YouGov.

Surveys are normally around 20-30 questions long at YouGov, with the longest survey being about 20 minutes.

Surveys will typically pay 400 points (about $2) for a 10 minute survey.

Once you have reached 5000 Points you can request to be paid via PayPal.

You can also choose to rewarded with Air Asia Points or Flexi eGift Cards.

Join YouGov Australia now and get a 100 point welcoming bonus.

YouGov Australia Fast Facts

Open to Australians 18 years of age and older

Payout: PayPal, Air Asia Points, eGift Cards

Minimum Payout: 5000 Points ($25)

  1. Debbie permalink

    Yougov is normally a great site. But I’m currently having an issue with my latest redemption. It should take up to 6 weeks to receive a Paypal redemptionbn but it’s now been 9 weeks and I’m still waiting. Yougov have told me they are currently facing technical difficulties with their paypal facilities and to be patient. I’m not sure if other panelists are experiencing the same issue.

    • Hi Debbie,
      Last time i got paid from YouGov was in April 2020. It was processed through YouGov Singapore. The quality of surveys have really declined at YouGov over the last 12 months. Unless they can improve their offering from Australia i think i will be ditching this one after my next redemption.

  2. Terry permalink

    Been waiting over 2 months for a PayPal redemption from them now starting to wonder if they are legit or not

    • Debbie permalink

      I’ve been paid by them several times in the past so they are legit. My concern is they are going broke hence 9 weeks (like you say over 2 months) and I’m still waiting for my Paypal redemption!

  3. Debie permalink

    Happy to report I finally got my Paypal payput. Then about 2 weeks later I got another payout because I had built up so many points while waiting for the original payment to come through,. Only this time they paid me in record time of less than a week.

  4. Annette permalink

    I totally fell for this. They paid the first $25 into my PayPal account and then nothing appeared on my next lot. Took my points, sent confirmation email but nothing appeared in my account, and they NEVER responded to multiple complaints. I say DO NOT BELIEVE THIS BS AND SPEND HOURS DOING SURVEYS FOR NOTHING. STAY AWAY FROM YOUGOV!!!

  5. Dhivya permalink

    I did not receive my gift voucher for$50 which I claimed on July (7/7/2021)…so many mail still no response….please atleast reply for this

    • Terry permalink

      They can take a while to pay out sometimes but i always seem to get them eventually

  6. Allan Newman permalink

    I have been waiting since September 2021 to be paid to do surveys, but haven’t been able to redeem points is now December 2021 and my support contact have fallen on deaf ears as i have had no feed back as to when or if they intend to fix their problem and redeem my points yet they continue to send surveys

    • Hi Allan,
      You can try calling YouGov on their business enquiry phone number on 02 7252 1600. I would stop doing surveys for them for the time being.

      • Allan Newman permalink

        I have written to them to fix their problem or with new each survey they send the amount owing will double current owing $400
        Just to show them I am not fooling around and will take action against them

  7. Lee permalink


    I also am having problems with Yougov.

    I tried to redeem 5000 points for PayPal cash IIRC way back in July and kept getting a “oops something went wrong screen.”

    I continued to build up points and in November I again tried to redeem once I got to 10000 points. Again the same screen popped up.

    I started sending emails to Yougov, but only received automated replies.

    I continued to to try to redeem points and failed again and again and sent them an email after every attempt. Again just automated replies.

    Then on 9 December I again attempted to redeem 5000 points and to my surprise it went through and the $25 was deposited to my account immediately.

    Great I thought, I’ll redeem another 5000 points. I received an email from Yougov that 5000 points were redeemed, but no payment into the PayPal account.

    I waited a couple of days and still no payment. Another email and again no response.

    I had also built up a small balance in their “Direct” program since signing up with them and last week tried to redeem the balance. Payment was supposed to be the next day.

    Well guess what? Yep, no payment there either.

    So it has been almost three weeks and no payment has been received for the second lot of 5000 points redeemed and almost a week since the Direct program balance was redeemed.

    No payments for either.

    No emails other than the automated replies.

    I’ve received surveys, but have not done them and even tried using that email address to request payment.

    So that is the current situation for me…….

  8. Andrew permalink

    They do not payout.

    They do not payout.
    I have been doing their surveys for quite some time. I then tried to get $100 worth of “reward” (that is a LOT of surveys and a LOT of my time). They deducted the amount from my account and did not pay. I have tried to contact them multiple times, they ignore me.
    Do NOT do their surveys unless you want to do it for free.

    • Terry permalink

      got paid last week from them, sometimes they take a few weeks from when you redeem till you get them

      • Allan Newman permalink

        I have never had a problem of Redeeming my points until I received an OOPS Error back in SEPTEMBER 2021.
        I have tried endlessly to contact them to fix their errors as my Details are correct….
        They have Ignored all my Messages, No One has bothered to contact me…
        So I am Still waiting for my redemption of points Since September 2021and now is February 2022

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