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WDYT Review

WDYT is no longer a survey site and is now just a reward site with little opportunities for earning, WDYT opened a new site for survey taking called Survey Choice. You will get a lot of Surveys at Survey Choice but they pay very little.

Its now very difficult to earn points at WDYT as they sent out very few advertiser emails and WDYT mainly send offers that require you to sign up to things you don’t really want.

If you are close to cash out you can update your profile every 3 months and earn $1.10 once you reach $20 I would close my account at WDYT because of the lack of earning opportunities

Payout: Direct Debit, Gift Cards.

Minimum Payout: $20

  1. atta permalink

    This is the worst survey site ever. I earned 480 points. And still they didn’t credit. It says without shame it takes up to 45 days for the points to be credited.

    • Hi atta,
      WDYT wont pay you until they are paid by the advertiser, be patient. I normally skip most of the surveys at WDYT as they are not very well paid. I normally just click on the promotional emails which give you 10 points, its not a lot but normally i get a couple of payouts each year, also you can do shopping through WDYT to earn more points.

  2. brad permalink

    ..i cashed out a $20 egift card 2 months ago and still they haven’t emailed it too me.. ive never had a problem with survey companies not paying , but this one is ridiculous.. ive emailed them and was really nice compared to some people on fb who are getting sick and tired of it..yet no email back giving me info on whats happening..dont waste ur time guys xoxo

    • Hi brad,
      Are you having a problem with WDYT or Survey Choice, I got a pay out to my bank account with WDYT last month but it took 2 years to earn enough for a cash out as they stopped their surveys and moved their survey business to Survey Choice. I know Survey Choice has had a lot of complaints on their Facebook from people who have not been paid for surveys they have completed.

  3. I painstakingly over a couple of years earned enough to redeem a $20 E-Reward Voucher which was on 20 February 2018 and received an email from WDYT on 28 February 2018 to say it is being processed – we are now 2 months down the track & I have not received my voucher, nor have they replied to 3 emails I have sent over the last few weeks – very disillusioned with this site to say the least & I refuse to do any more surveys until when & IF I receive my reward.

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