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Viewfruit Australia

Viewfruit is a site i have recently joined so i am still working out how it works. Once you join Viewfruit you will be sent surveys, for every successfully completed survey you will earn Viewfruit points. Surveys pay on average between 100 (20 Cents) and 500 ($1.00) Viewfruit points. 500 Viewfruit points = $US1.

Once you have earned 2500 Viewfruit points you can cash out via PayPal. Payouts are processed each Friday, but you need to allow 5 days before the money reaches your PayPal account.

At Viewfruit you can also refer your friends and get paid 10% of what ever your friend earns.

After being a member of Viewfruit for a few months now, i would not recommend joining due to the lack of surveys and the surveys you do get are low paying as well as the Viewfruit site is hard to navigate and has been translated into English poorly.

Viewfruit Fast Facts

Open to Australians 18 years old and over

Refer a friend: 10% of what your friend earns

Non Qualify: 1 Point

Payout: PayPal

Minimum Payout: $5

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