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Toluna is a well established survey site which operates in many countries including Australia.

When you join Toluna they will give you a 500 point welcome bonus once you fill in your profile survey. By filling out your profile survey it also helps them to send more relevant surveys to you.

Surveys at Toluna will pay anywhere from 15 to 50,000 points., depending on the length of the surveys.

Toluna Fast Facts

Open to Australian residents 16 years of age and over

Refer a friend: Earn 500 points for each friend maximum 10 per month

Payout: Gift Cards, PayPal

Minimum Payout: $20

Join Toluna

Answer Surveys Online at Toluna, Choose great rewards, Join Toluna today.

  1. Fay permalink

    I joined Toluna late last year and have already gotten $50 via prepaid Visa Card from them via surveys and voting on comments and Posts on their website. Have yet to get a product test as they are limited. They give a lot of points for their surveys over 2000 most times. They also have Gifties which are virtual rewards and if you want to use your points for them they might become real for less points than the normal rewards.

    • Hi Fay,
      Its great you are doing well with Toluna. I did receive a whistle key ring a few years ago for a product test. You whistle and it suppose to help you find your keys, I don’t think it was that successful. Keep at it and hopefully you will do a product test soon.

  2. Ann permalink

    I joined Toluna a few years ago but realised how little they were paying for 30 min surveys. 2000 points = 75c (actually a bit less) My time is worth more than that.

  3. Fay permalink

    I did finally get a product test fro Toluna a toothbrush would you believe, anyway they have been really good lately, although there surveys have slowed somewhat over the last few months but the same has happened with other sites I’m with.
    Toluna have turned 15 years of age and are running a contest to do with that and you are also able to initiate Polls, Battles and topics that give you points on the site.

  4. Belinda permalink

    This is just another site that takes a long long time and effort to get anywhere. Lots of screening out and time wasting for very little reward.

  5. Peter permalink

    I signed with Toluna a few years ago. It took so long to get the reward. the worst survey panel I have even been with, not one of.

  6. Trevor permalink

    They cut me off about 75% through a very large survey that i was doing over over several days.I wasted over 3 and a half hours on it and only had less than an hour to go. This is the second time its happened. Not impressed. I won’t do these large surveys again but the small ones OK.

    • Hi Trevor,
      Sometimes the points for that 3 1/2 survey are added later, I would definitely chase them up about it, I personally won’t do surveys any longer than 20 minutes, the longer the survey the more likely u seem to have problems with points not credited properly.

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