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Survey Choice Review

Note: Survey Choice is now Empowered Surveys from 7th November 2018.

Survey Choice is brought to you by the people who are behind WDYT and SMS Pup. Survey Choice started on the 19th November 2014.

It should be noted if you already had a WDYT account and/or SMS Pup account the points earned through those sites do not expire and will not be transferred to Survey Choice.

Survey Choice offers the same reward choices as WDYT did like gift cards and bank deposit.

I have been receiving many survey invitations from Survey Choice which you might think is good, but the problem with Survey Choice is the same problem with WDYT the surveys are just to low paying.

Most surveys are paying $0.80 for 15-20 minute surveys which is way to low, although you will get 10 cents if you are screened out.

So should you join Survey Choice?

Its entirely up to you, Survey Choice is a genuine survey panel which will pay you once you reach $20 in your account, which is about 25 surveys you will need to fully complete to reach $20.

I personally think the survey pay is to low at Survey Choice and for that reason i am not going to bother with Survey Choice at this stage.

Survey Choice Fast Facts

Open to Australians 16 years of age and over

Refer a Friend: Earn $5 for up to 5 referrals

Non Qualify: 10 Cents

Payout: Bank Deposit, eGift Cards

Minimum Payout: $20


  1. Ashley permalink

    Survey Choice is a scam. I had nearly $20 owing to me (which is the minimum needed to cash out) and they terminated my account, saying that i was dishonest. This is such a lie – I have always been honest with my answers. I cannot believe that they terminated my account when I was only about 20 cents short of $20. I am disgusted with Survey Choice. I’ve read other online reviews about them and see I’m not the only one who was terminated with a large amount of money owing 😦

    • Hi Ashley,
      I know a while back they accidentally deleted everyone’s accounts but apparently they fixed that. Sorry its a survey site I never recommended,

  2. carolyn tui permalink

    SURVEY CHOICE is a scam. I had unsubscribed as i do many surveys for different companies but they rang me up months later to do a phone survey. 37 minutes on hearing aids. I didnt know i had unsubscribed from them as i am joined to many. Seems to me they are now ringing and asking us to do surveys which i should have been paid $20 but have been scammed and they got a free survey from me. Everyone beware. They may be ringing up people who have unsubscribed so they dont have to pay anyone. I sent them 3 emails and they have never answered one of them. Dirty rotten scammers…..Am not impressed and everyone beware before you do a survey and think they will send you a card in the mail like they told me. I rejoined them again to see what would happen but am not going to continue.

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