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Rewards Central Review

Rewards Central is one of the original survey sites (previously known as email cash) you earn points for clicking emails, completing surveys, signing up for offers and shopping with there online partners. You can also win points playing the daily guessing game and you can earn points logging in each day to see if there is a quick survey for you to answer or web clicks to click on. The more you visit the site the more EXP you will earn, once your EXP reaches 500 you get a annual bonus. The annual bonus as from December 2015 is 500 reward points, in previously years I have received a pen and another year a beach ball. Rewards Central is a good survey site where most people will earn $30 per year for little effort, some may earn a lot more if they do things like shopping with there online partners.

Payout: Direct Debit, Gift Pay, Charity Donations

Non Qualify: 2-20points and/or competition entries

Minimum Payout: $10 (1100 Points) Gift Pay Redemption

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  1. Rospat permalink

    Slow but reliable and genuine. Usually I get at least $60 a year,and that’s even with being away for a month each year and not logging on. Don’t buy anything on the site unless you have to – just log on and collect as many free points as possible.

  2. Bronte permalink

    does this website deposit money into your bank like Pure Profile?

    • Hi Bronte,
      Rewards Central does deposit money into your bank account, but you need to earn 3500 points = $30 for a bank deposit and it takes 4-8 weeks, so i dont recommended this payout option as you can get a $10 E-Voucher instantly for 1100 points which i think is a better option

  3. Danny permalink

    Has anyone tried

  4. Stina permalink

    I found Rewards Central has gone downhill a lot. It takes way too long to get required points amount for $30 cash out. If you bought online a lot then yeah it would be ok but all the web clicks and quick surveys are all but gone. No where near as good as it used to be.

    • Hi Stina,
      I agree rewards central has gone down hill over the last few years, with the online shopping the points you can earn are less for most stores than what you would get if you used a cashback site like pricepal or cash rewards. I only stick with rewards central as although they don’t send me many surveys, most of the surveys they do send I qualify for, it’s always been a slow but consistent site for me, which I get a few payouts each year.

  5. shirley kim permalink

    Takes way too long for points to be added to your account and its all about getting junk mail and them wanting you to buy stuff. Not a real survey company in my opinion. Since signing on with them my junk mail has sky rocketed

    • Hi shirley kim,
      I have always got points credit right away when doing surveys at Rewards Central, yes Rewards Central does more than surveys and do send you offers to your email, but you earn points for clicking on those emails, you are under no obligation to sign up to the offers they send you, but if you do you may see a increase in junk mail.

  6. Frank Summers permalink

    I think RewardsCentral may be having “issues”.
    I have not had a link to any Survey since 09 March that has earned me any points.
    I have 12 Claims for points un-paid.
    I have 5 of those claims that have waited in excess of the 60 days wait-time.
    Is the site fading away ?
    Regards, Frank

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