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Opinions Paid Review

Opinions Paid may have closed.

Opinions Paid is a great online survey panel. Opinions Paid has regular surveys, where you will earn Zoints for completing surveys.

Once you have earned enough Zoints you can go to the Zoint shop and exchange your Zoints for a Bunnings Gift Card, Coles Express Gift Card, Coles Group Gift Card, Rebel Sport Gift Card or a Village Road Show Gift Card. You can also use your Zoints to donate to Charity.

Opinions Paid also do regular focus groups and product tests normally at Chadstone (VIC).

Opinions Paid Fast Facts

Open to Australians 14 years of age and over

Non Qualify: 20-50 Points

Payout: Gift Cards, Charity Donations

Minimum Payout: $20

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  1. Russ Walker permalink

    How in the world do you get in contact with someone so I can log into the site
    I have tried to log in but wont allow me tried to get a new password it says it has sent one to my E Mail address so far 5 times no reply whats going on
    Hope this gets to some one who can help and this is not the first time this has happened

  2. Hi Russ, with Opinions Paid, make sure you are using your user name, not your email address to log into Opinions Paid.

  3. tina permalink

    how do you change your email with Opinions Paid

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