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KFC Feedback

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  1. Kristy permalink

    Good service and fresh food

  2. Annalise Haggarty permalink

    Great service and friendly staff

  3. Mags permalink

    My daughter and I visited Robina KFC yesterday afternoon during her break. Let me tell you it will be the last time! Never have I come across such rude and unpleasant staff.
    No smile no please or thank you, it’s really not that difficult to be pleasant. I wasn’t expecting a huge welcome, but a smile and hello would have been nice.

  4. Paul condren permalink

    Great service fast and efficient but could smile a little more. Food was good as usual

  5. Joshua permalink

    Love the food and service

  6. Margariet permalink

    Was horrible I asked for a original fillet stacker meal with mayo I got the chilli and the zinger fillett so disappointed

  7. Shelley permalink

    Hi there,
    Very happy with the service, freshly cooked food.

  8. Rob haysom permalink

    Great feed yesterday thanks

  9. Natalie permalink

    Glad we have the 24 nuggets for 10 dollars great deal

  10. Ashish permalink

    Good food

  11. Shivneet Bal permalink

    It is one of best fresh chicken ever

  12. Suzanne Eang permalink

    Great service and friendly staff

  13. Valentina permalink

    Good service end good chicken naggers

  14. Jeremy Coleman permalink

    Great service

  15. Trisa permalink

    The service was friendly and the meal was fresh hot. πŸ‘πŸΌ

  16. Chelsea permalink

    Was delicious

  17. Rebecca Kerr permalink

    Love kfc double tender combo

  18. Nivan Andrew permalink

    Excellent services
    Pieces are a bit small

  19. Bevi permalink

    KFC all day everyday

  20. Louise permalink

    The best kfc I have tasted yummy

  21. Dilnasheen pillay permalink

    Very nice and declicious

  22. Don permalink

    Always taste

  23. Kylie permalink

    Grate food

  24. Abbey permalink

    Great chips

  25. Fazz permalink

    Great food love it

  26. Ayia permalink


  27. Robyn Quinn permalink

    Had kfc at Forster worse food ever. The honey mustard shaker salad was like moosh and tasted terrible couldn’t eat it very disappointed. Have eaten kfc for over 30 years. Chicken smelt and tasted like fish and very oily.

  28. Sununta permalink

    I’m love Hot and Spicy Chicken.

  29. Good service

  30. EMMA MUSCAT permalink

    bloody brilliant Food

  31. Kathy permalink

    Very nice and delicious

  32. Mary permalink

    Best KFC: acacia ridge 4110.. I have had a lot of KFC in my time and this place is the best.. I recommend it to everyone who loves there KFC..

  33. Jade Beattie permalink

    KFC has the best chicken I’ve ever had, perfect πŸ‘Œ

  34. Dale Crowe permalink

    Service was great & the food was fresh

  35. Kahlia Grayson permalink

    Wendy @ Rockhampton you are amazing
    Love seeing your big smile πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  36. Karen gaskin permalink

    Great service

  37. William Warhurst permalink

    Great service at Morningside KFC

  38. Roy Sumathipala permalink

    Excellent Customer service and delicious food!

  39. Mark Taylor permalink

    I love KFC, always supplying the goods. Never disappointed

  40. Athena Espejo permalink

    We ordered 10 pcs wicked wings for take away at KFC Belmont WA branch (Belmont Forum) and we got home, we realized that they have given us only 8 pcs. instead of 10 pcs .

    Chicken is great as always. Service was quick.
    However it is just unfortunate that they did not deliver the correct order and we felt disappointed.

  41. Netra permalink

    I LOved it

  42. Josh permalink

    Amazing service

  43. charlie permalink


  44. Samra permalink


  45. Carol Mathisen permalink

    Purchased a Ultimate box upsize and 2 large potato & gravy at Hermit Park store Townsville, We asked for another piece of chicken as the piece that they gave was just like a bone with a little meat on, the second was so greasy that it soaked into the box an also the chips. Was very dissapointed to say the least

  46. Joanne Boon permalink

    KFC is so good and the staff are so friendly

  47. Ainsley permalink

    Very nice quick and enjoyable

    • Purna Chandra Reddy Dyapa permalink

      Great deals and always my love to KFC thanks for the delicious lunch

  48. Hannah permalink

    Bring back mint choc crushers!!!!

  49. Michael Walter permalink

    Great fast service and polite staff

  50. david steer permalink

    was good and not oily

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