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KFC Feedback

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  1. James permalink

    The individual who was making burgers on Sunday (30/4/17) night is very good at their job. Best burger I’ve had in ages.

  2. Kevin Fitzpatrick permalink

    Terrible food.Chips are always soggy,all the chicken was burnt and tasted terrible.I will never enter another KFC store again.The staff are not trained in customer skills,when we entered the store there was a dispute with an irrate customer at the till so spent 10 mins listening to his complaint and your staff’s ill trained response. I will be telling everyone of our harrowing experience at KFC,terrible food and all round terrible experience,Bet you don’t print this complaint.By the way the store in question was Scrub Rd in Carindale,Brisbane.

  3. Riya permalink

    Good food

  4. Debbie McLaren permalink

    Usually am served by Michelle at the Capalaba park store she used to be over at Capalaba Central and for years now she always welcomes us with a big smile and has the best customer service 🙂 Always asks if we are having a great day and tells us to have a great afternoon 🙂 if there is any problems when we order she is always helpful with recommending other items instead 🙂 always get great food at both of these stores 🙂

  5. Fatma permalink

    I like KFC because it’s nice taste good cooking. Cheap and my kids love it

  6. Sharon w permalink

    Prompt friendly service

  7. Thales permalink

    good food

  8. Raelene Keatley permalink

    Ordered a special Mothers Day 3 piece chicken box and pototo and gravy with chips and a regular zinger burger meal dinner.
    Got home to find wrong order. I rang immediately the manager who said he would look into it and ring me back I gave him my number but he never rang back.
    I got someone elses order which was rubbish. I was so disapointed as I was looking forward to my fav mothers day lunch. I have rung again today and spoke to a different person who said she would give me an instore credit. I have taken photos phone of the meal I got.

  9. Philmorr Galon permalink

    Great, delicious and good service, the best food,

  10. Noelene permalink

    Just bought street wise feast didn’t take the docket. Maylands store they ran out of tenders at 5pm the chips were like cardboard and cold the chicken was dry . I think someone forgot to give them the recipe for the herbs and spices cause it was tasteless. My dog was happy though. The staff were friendly

  11. chandrama puri permalink

    good food n good service

  12. Max permalink

    Good service great food

  13. Krish permalink

    Elise customer service was very impressive. Very quick and polite.

  14. KFC Orange should lift it’s act a bit. Tables were dirty and chicken dry. Chips were not fresh even after asking for fresh ones. Never any napkins.
    However , there was a nice little chap that tried to do his best for us. He deserves a wage rise.
    80% of the staff is very ignorant though.
    We feel like getting behind the counter and organize And move things along.

  15. Cooper permalink

    Good service and feed as always.

  16. Tez permalink

    Great fast service from the Broadmeadows KFC team. Recieved my chicken wing pack everything correct sometimes I usually am missing a patato gravy. This time was very happy. Keep up the good work

  17. Dave bounds permalink

    Enjoyed the $5 lunch special but no dip

  18. Renee permalink

    The lady that served me, I think her name was Emily, at North Lakes was super lovely and helpful when we were being painful and couldn’t decide. I watched her after when the customers after me, and she never stopped smiling. She is an asset to KFC.

  19. Liam permalink

    The hot rods are SO GOOD the chips, chicken an budgers are excellent also the device.

  20. Sonu sandhu permalink

    I was served by Dante in Myer centre Brisbane good court….lovely boy and always polite and cheerful ..i usually go in the morning…always has a smile…must say hiscustomer service is excellent

  21. Vandhana Reddy permalink

    The food is nice and services is good.

  22. sheilena Mcdonnell permalink

    I find if I visit kfc at lunch or tea time the food is fresh… other that that I’ve had some pretty bad food experiences 2x in a row both times chicken was dry and last time couldn’t even Bite into chicken it was that hard! Did complain and did finally got vouchers after 2 months as supervisor had written the number of my address wrong! But very friendly staff in Ashburton

  23. Mary permalink

    Visited Moe Store tonite waited again while to order and 3 people on front of me all had orders stuffed up

  24. katie permalink

    food is always good at wentworthville

  25. katie permalink

    food is nice at went KFC

  26. paula burzacott permalink

    Love the chips and double chicken burger

  27. Vasi permalink

    It was awsome

  28. Liane Jensen permalink

    My order was over cooked and not what I ordered 7/7/17 Gympie at 5.03pm

  29. Seth kraaymaat permalink

    Very nice
    And good customer service

  30. Megan simpson permalink

    We loved the twisters!

  31. Simran permalink

    good food & friendly services i love kfc burger it is delicious

  32. delicious food

  33. Tracey-Lea Law permalink

    I was abit disappointed because I love the chips with the salt you guys put on it. I don’t eat salt and now and again when I feel like being naughty I’ll go and buy KFC. But this has been a few times that I haven’t had salt on my chips or something missing in my order .The girl at the drive though was very inexperienced. She first said she had put something in my order instead of what I had ordered cause you had run out and then when I ? It she said sorry it was the order behind me. When I got home I not only didn’t have no salt but I was missing my dinner roll( I ordered a dipping box plus two pieces of chicken $17.90) I don’t like to whinge because I work in hospitality and the girl was nice and polite and it wasn’t busy. But I feel she hasn’t been trained properly and I think that if you spend a little bit more time training your staff properly you will have better staff and a happy environment. I’m not complaining because I want free stuff because I don’t. I would just like to get what I’m paying for that’s all.

  34. Tooba permalink

    V.good taste

  35. permalink

    Love KFC

  36. Natalie permalink

    Went to the capalaba store and the guy who took our order, Bradley was so friendly and helpful

  37. louisa permalink

    had a twister very pleased and a crusher gay-time . nice.

  38. Huw watson permalink

    Great KFC best food and service

  39. Tracey George permalink

    I was served by Chloe at KFC South Coffs Harbour she was quite pleasant but when I went to hand back the Eft machine another young lady by the name of Liz came by and snatched it out of my hands I was quite offended .

  40. Jon Rivero permalink

    Average service and chicken was not well cooked

  41. Dylan jenner permalink

    Good service

  42. Nikayla Mackenzie permalink

    Very easy good service, yummy chips

  43. Tin Nguy permalink

    V nice

  44. Jen Maneesuwan permalink

    It is a good deal for Tuesday special price and I loved it.

  45. Kate permalink

    Undercooked cold chips and hot drinks (given straight from the box) @ KFC Orion with no care factor from staff – very disappointing.

  46. Joshua ryan permalink

    Good food

  47. kaylalouisechalkley permalink

    I enjoyed the service

  48. Sophie dickson permalink

    Best chicken nuggets we have had in awhile.

  49. Priscilla Kovelakonda permalink

    My chips were cold and soggy.

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