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I Reward Review

I Reward closed down sometime in late 2013.

  1. Steven permalink

    Ireward has been down for 12 days now. It’s twitter page has not been updates since the 12 April 2012. Considering the unhappy people on Facebook about Ireward It needs to be reviewed

    • Hi Steven, Thanks for keeping us up to date with ireward. I stopped recommending them about 6 months ago, but was hoping to get one more payment from them before cancelling my membership.

  2. Henry permalink

    I joined Ireward and soon left them, poor paying & infrequent. Seems I made the right choice as they’ve abandoned ship it would seem!

  3. Silvana permalink

    They have never made a payment, and never reply to email.

    • Hi Silvana, i did get one payment from them, but its hard to get the required points for another payment as there surveys are really low paid and they dont reply to my emails either. I have stopped doing surveys with them, there are plenty of other better survey panels to join.

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