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Field Force

Field Force is part of the Cint survey panels, its not the busiest survey site, but you can still make a little money with Field Force, you can only cash out in $17 lots and they take 2% handling which they claim is the PayPal handling fee which gives you $16.66 in your PayPal account, they pay instantly which is really good.

Field Force Fast Facts

Open to Australians 14 years and over

Payout: PayPal

Non Qualify: Nothing

Minimum Payout: $17

  1. Henry permalink

    Would you recommend this site?

  2. Hi Henry, Field Force have improved over the years and are now crediting your account immediately on completion of any survey, they dont pay you anything if you are screened out, but they normally only ask only a few questions to see if you qualify, so no long screeners. You dont get that many surveys from them i average between 1-2 pay outs per year with field force. You can cash out at $17 through PayPal, which is sent instantly but they take out 2% to cover the fees PayPal charge them which leaves you with $16.67. I would join but dont expect to many surveys from field force.

  3. Henry permalink

    Thanks for your feedback! Will defiantly look into it. I think Cint (who run field force) is pretty reputable world wide. Also, was wondering if you could post your August earnings!

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