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ClixSense Review

ClixSense originally started out as a PTC (Paid To Click Site) where you would earn money for clicking ads. As from July 15th 2017 ClixSense stopped being a PTC site.

Now ClixSense main focus is on surveys, you can also do small tasks and complete offers at ClixSense, but i suggest you just stick to the surveys.

Surveys at ClixSense work a little differently to other survey sites. Once you join ClixSense click on survey link and you will be presented with surveys to complete from various different survey companies.

Survey Companies on ClixSense:

Tap Research – Pays as little as 10 cents, but on average most pay about 50 cents.

Speak Up – Pays between 53 to 80 cents per survey.

Cint – Pays $1.00 per survey.

GlobalTestMarket – Pays $1.25 per survey.

Opinion Surveys – Pays 90 cents per survey.

OpinionWorld – Pays 65 cents per survey.

What i do first is the OpinionWorld survey if one is available, then try the GlobalTestMarket router, then go through the list of surveys from the highest payout to the lowest. I always make sure i do 2 surveys each days as this will give you a 12% bonus. Do this 3 days in row and the bonus is increased to 14%.

I avoid Speak Up and Opinion Surveys in the daily router as i never have any luck with them. I leave the Tap Research router to last as even if you dont qualify for a survey with Tap Research you will earn 1 cent which counts to the 2 surveys you need to do each day for the 14% bonus. Unfortunately Tap Research no longer pays 1 cent even if you dont qualify, so im now doing Tap research surveys through Timebucks i am still seeing if Timebucks is worth joining. Timebucks has a low $US10 cash out via PayPal so its looking pretty good at the moment.

Clixsense pay in US dollars and has a low cash out of only $10.

Unfortunately ClixSense doesn’t offer PayPal, but you have choices of other payment methods if you want cash. They are Payoneer. previously Payza – Payza was shut down 21/3/18, & Skrill. I am currently getting paid through Payoneer their is a $2 fee when withdrawing from ClixSense but their is no charge to get paid into a local bank account in Australia and they convert it into Aussie dollars, but you need to withdraw a minimum of $50 from Payoneer. So i wait til i have $52 in my Clixsense account then make a withdrawal to Payoneer.

The other way to withdraw money from Clixsense is to choose a Tango Gift card, but what you actually get is a virtual prepaid visa, the good thing about this is their is no fee to claim this reward and you only need to earn $10 to claim this reward. I have successfully used these prepaid virtual visa cards to purchase Woolworth’s e-Gift cards through Pricepal and Cash Rewards, see this post for how i did this. I have also used these virtual prepaid visa cards to make purchases on Ebay.

You can now get a Prepaid MasterCard in $AU dollars from Clixsense once you have reached $US10 in your Clixsense account. Read this post for more information: Clixsense now offering $AU Prepaid MasterCard.

Another ways to earn money at ClixSense is to refer your friends, you will earn 20% of their earnings plus $2 when they have earned $5.

Just beware ClixSense only allows one account per computer although others in your household can join ClixSense you all must use a different computer.

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