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Blue Jay Surveys Review

I received a invite to join Blue Jay Surveys through the Australian Lifestyle Survey when they closed down. By joining through the link from the Australian Lifestyle Survey i was able to get a $5 joining bonus. Unfortunately a few months later my balance at Blue Jay Surveys is still $5.

Blue Jay Surveys use to be a invite only survey site but now anyone may join but unfortunately you will not get any joining bonus.

Blue Jay Surveys will pay you on average $1 for every 6 – 8 minutes you spend completing a survey, that would work out to be around $2.50 for a 20 minute survey.

Blue Jay Surveys pays through eGift Cards or PayPal, you can claim a reward once you have reached $20.

Blue Jay Surveys Fast Facts

Open to Australian residents aged 18 years old and over.

Non Qualify: Nothing

Payout: eGift Cards, PayPal

Minimum Payout: $20

Join Blue Jay Surveys

  1. Mark permalink

    Blue Jay Surveys are a joke. I have sent them about 10 emails and they never respond or pay you

    • Hi Mark,
      BlueJay Surveys process rewards only once a month. They say they will begin processing rewards within 5 business days from the 11th of the month.So you need to claim by the 10th of the month. I currently am waiting for a payment from them so will let you know if i receive it.

      • Mark permalink

        I had a $20 claim on the 15/5/2018 which has said processed for about a month now but I have not received it to my paypal account. I have another $12 in my account but refuse to waste anymore of my time as I have emailed them about 7 times and they dont reply.

  2. Thats way to long to get paid. BlueJay Surveys are part of Quality Online Research. Their are some contact details on their page at: Which you could try.

  3. Janet permalink

    Blue Jay Surveys are certainly do not pay as they say they will. I sent the following emai to the ACCC
    I have completed 2 surveys, one at the end of August and one on 12 September and have not been paid for either. The promised fee for each survey was $5.50 for 25minutes work. This is totally unprofessional and unacceptable. Much appreciated if you can follow this up.

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