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Blue Jay Surveys Review

I received a invite to join Blue Jay Surveys through the Australian Lifestyle Survey when they closed down. By joining through the link from the Australian Lifestyle Survey i was able to get a $5 joining bonus. Unfortunately a few months later my balance at Blue Jay Surveys is still $5.

Blue Jay Surveys use to be a invite only survey site but now anyone may join but unfortunately you will not get any joining bonus.

Blue Jay Surveys will pay you on average $1 for every 6 – 8 minutes you spend completing a survey, that would work out to be around $2.50 for a 20 minute survey.

Blue Jay Surveys pays through eGift Cards or PayPal, you can claim a reward once you have reached $20.

Blue Jay Surveys Fast Facts

Open to Australian residents aged 18 years old and over.

Non Qualify: Nothing

Payout: eGift Cards, PayPal

Minimum Payout: $20

Join Blue Jay Surveys

  1. Mark permalink

    Blue Jay Surveys are a joke. I have sent them about 10 emails and they never respond or pay you

    • Hi Mark,
      BlueJay Surveys process rewards only once a month. They say they will begin processing rewards within 5 business days from the 11th of the month.So you need to claim by the 10th of the month. I currently am waiting for a payment from them so will let you know if i receive it.

      • Mark permalink

        I had a $20 claim on the 15/5/2018 which has said processed for about a month now but I have not received it to my paypal account. I have another $12 in my account but refuse to waste anymore of my time as I have emailed them about 7 times and they dont reply.

    • Hi Mark,
      I have received my first payment from Blue Jay Surveys, so they do pay.

      • Mark permalink

        I can now confirm that there is no problems with Blue Jay Survey company.
        Today I contacted Quality Online research who are the parent company. Apparently my email address had been blocked by their system and my reward non-payment looks like a paypal issue. To my surprise after calling them, they transferred me a $20 gift card for all my problems, what a great guesture. My suggestion to anyone not receiving replies to their emails, call QOR on 02 9418 2824

  2. Thats way to long to get paid. BlueJay Surveys are part of Quality Online Research. Their are some contact details on their page at: Which you could try.

  3. Janet permalink

    Blue Jay Surveys are certainly do not pay as they say they will. I sent the following emai to the ACCC
    I have completed 2 surveys, one at the end of August and one on 12 September and have not been paid for either. The promised fee for each survey was $5.50 for 25minutes work. This is totally unprofessional and unacceptable. Much appreciated if you can follow this up.

  4. Massimo permalink

    To long waitlng for payment i toke out $20 out on 12.11.18 and did not know about you have to wait till the 10th each month now i have to wait 10 dec and 5 working days way to long

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