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Apple a Day Research Review

Apple a day Research is a health and well being panel, focusing on medical conditions and well being.

Apple a Day research is looking for people with health concerns such as Skin Conditions, Asthma, Back Pain, Short Sited, Viral Infections all the way up to Diabetes, Cancer, Addiction, Mental Health and everything in between. No matter how small you think your health concerns are, or how rare it may be, we care about them and are interested in your experiences and opinion on treatments and support services.

They are also looking for people taking medications or vitamins or supplements this includes any type of medication be it over the counter or prescribed, this also includes medication that doesn’t necessary mean you are treating a condition or infection such as contraceptives. Also if you take any vitamins or supplements in order to maintain your health they are interested to know what you think about them.

Have you had any Surgeries or Procedures?
Other health areas they are interested in include people who have had any form of surgery or procedure from minor surgeries such as bone resetting, removed appendix, removed wisdom teeth all the way up to major surgery such as open heart surgery, hysterectomy.

Bacterial or Viral Infections – also known as infectious diseases:
Many bacterial and even some viral infections can easily be fixed with a course of antibiotics. The types of infections can include Bacterial infections such as common colds,  the flu, food poising,  Thrush, Hookworms and also viral infections such as Herpes, Hepatitis, HIV, Chlamydia etc.

Have you any Unexpected Health Problems / Accidents?
such as a broken bone, stitches, heart attack, stroke, ruptured organs, dislocations etc.

Are you a Carer?
If you look after anyone who has a health concern of any type (meaning you help them with daily tasks, feel responsible for them, or are the main person that knows about their condition and can help assist them with their health condition), they would be interested in your opinions as there is a lot of research that involves wanting to speak with carers to understand their experience with supporting that person and the support systems that are offered by the community.


  1. Hi Margret,
    Click Here for the sign up page. Also check your junk/spam folder in your email, sometimes confirmation emails end up in those folders. You need to be able to confirm your email address to successfully sign up to Apple a Day Research.

  2. Merri Winter permalink

    How do I log on to change my address please?

    • Hi Merri Winter,
      I have been waiting more than 6 months for a payment from Apple a Day Research, i wouldn’t bother with them any more.

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