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Apple a Day Research Review

Apple a Day Research is a research panel which mainly focuses on clinical studies. Clinical studies can pay between $40 – $500 depending on the type and length of the research.

You can also do surveys with Apple a Day Research for Apple Points, they claim you can expect 2-3 surveys a month. Once you have reached 2000 points = $20 you can request payment to your bank account.

From my experience i get very few survey invites, i have received a few invites to see if i would qualify for one of their clinical studies, i have never qualified for any of their studies though.

Apple a Day Research is open to Australians and New Zealanders who are 16 years old and above, i wouldn’t join Apple a Day Research for their surveys, but if you have a medical condition you might get invited to one of their studies.

  1. Merri Winter permalink

    How do I log on to change my address please?

    • Hi Merri Winter,
      You can now update your address for Apple a Day Research by clicking “Update my profile” at the Apple a Day website.

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