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GlobalTestMarket is now LifePoints

March 19, 2019

GlobalTestMarket has now transferred everyone’s account to LifePoints. You may use your existing details from GlobalTestMarket to log into LifePoints. The main changes with LifePoints is you will earn 2 points for any survey you don’t qualify for. Their is also a bonus points system, where you will earn bonus points depending on how many surveys you complete each month. You can read more about LifePoints here

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  1. Ted S Bazer permalink

    I cannot log into my account for three weeks. Today I got a message that my account is closed! Why?

    • Hi Ted S Baze,
      Are trying to log into LifePoints or GlobalTestMarket or MySurvey? GlobalTestMarket and MySurvey are now LifePoints.Try going to LifePoints and using your log on details for GlobalTestMarket or try resetting your password on the LifePoints site..

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