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5 Minutes is to long for a Screener!

January 24, 2017

We all know how frustrating it is to spend considerable time completing a survey only to find out we have been screened out. Well MyView are saying :

5 Minutes is to long to be screened out of a survey!

Well i dont think it should take 5 minutes to find out that you have been screened out of a survey, long screen-outs are not limited to just MyView, but are way to common on many survey sites, their are some surveys i know i will be screened out after spending considerable time as after doing so many surveys over the years you just know and some surveys that are sent think we are still on dial-Up!

I think the people who are designing surveys really need to have a good look at the usability of their survey and look at deleting irrelevant and repetitive questions. How frustrating is it to be asked to list a number of stores or companies only to find the next question is please select the companies or stores from the previous question. Then we have the repetitive question, where there may be 20+ similar qualities to rate from 0 to 10, survey makers you really think people are going to accurately rate 20+ similar qualities? Well the answer is no. The majority of surveys i have completed just have to many questions, a long survey does not mean a more accurate survey a shorter survey can give better results because you are not boring the survey taker!

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