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Finally Got Paid From YouGov!

September 19, 2016

Back in July i requested a reward from YouGov as after 8 months i had reached 5000 points.

Once you have earned 5000 points at YouGov you can claim SG$25

Well its now September and i finally have been paid from YouGov, its taken about 8 weeks not within a month. If they are going to take that long to process a reward they should be upfront about it.

Finally got paid from YouGov

YouGov pays in Singapore dollars which is not going to be that useful for most Australians, but you can easily transfer it into Aussie dollars by doing a balance transfer in your PayPal account. SG$25 = about $A25

So is it still worth doing surveys with YouGov Australia?

Well the good thing about YouGov surveys is that you pretty much qualify for every survey they send you, the bad thing is they don’t pay very much and are not that frequent so most people will only get rewarded about once a year, then you are waiting 8 weeks to receive your reward.

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  1. Joolz permalink

    Thank you for the Info. I have found exactly the same. Applied for a redemption of $SG25 2+ months ago and still haven’t been paid. Despite sending several emails requesting payment or and update at the least, I have received no response. Sill getting plenty of emails about doing more surveys (which I have ignored). There are better survey sites than this one.

    • Hi Joolz,
      I just got paid from YouGov for my December 14th Redemption, maybe check your PayPal account to see if they have paid you, sometimes when you get emails from PayPal advising of a payment they can go to your junk mail. If you still haven’t been paid maybe try their Facebook page, it shouldn’t take 2+ months to receive your reward.

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