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Flybuys Travel Survey for 50 Points – Tell em they’re dreamin

February 25, 2016

You may have recently received a survey from Flybuys where you could earn 50 points, for those who don’t know 50 points = 25cents, not much of an incentive to compete a 10 minute survey.

Tell Coles Survey will earn you only 25cents!

Now they write to me “We sent you a travel survey a couple of weeks ago and due to some technical issues you may have missed the opportunity to complete it. Apologies from the team here at flybuys.”

Well Flybuys I didn’t miss the opportunity to compete the travel survey, I choose not to as the reward was far from fair, from what I have heard the survey was also full of technical issues, so I think I made the right decision.

Hopefully in the future Flybuys can check their surveys for technical issues before sending them out to members and also offer members a decent amount of points for completing a survey.

Until then tell em they’re dreamin.

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