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Try Free Products at The ALDI Testers Club

August 9, 2015

I know how many of you people love free stuff to test.

The ALDI Testers Club is a place where you might get a chance to test new ALDI products for a whole year.

If you’re accepted, you will be send a free product pack every quarter. In this pack you’ll find 10 ALDI products, which you’ll have around two months to test and rate. To stay in the club, you’ll need to rate at least 50% of the products in each pack. That equals 40 products for the year to rate.

You will need to write about the product on the ALDI Testers Club Website.

To become a tester you should be interested in ALDI’s products and generally in product testing.

If you’re an ALDI shopper, or a fan of ALDIs, make sure you mention it in your application, as this is will be a big plus and increase your chances for being selected for The ALDI Testers Club.

Applications are closed.

Apply for The ALDI Testers Club


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  1. Julie Ganino permalink

    I would like to join the Testers Club…I am a 54 year old lady and I love to shop at Aldi.

    • Hi Julie,
      The Testers Club is currently not accepting new members. Make sure you follow my blog or the Facebook page and I will let you know when they are accepting new members.

  2. Simon permalink

    Is the testing club taking new applications in NSW after ACA tonight ?

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