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Rewards Central Annual Bonus for 2014 is Pizza

January 8, 2015

Rewards Central Annual Bonus for 2014 is Pizza, so make sure you check your email including junk mail folder if you were expecting the Annual Bonus from Rewards Central.

Dominos Pizza
The voucher is for $10 for a pizza at dominos for online orders for pick up only.

How do you qualify for this annual bonus?

To qualify for a free annual bonus you must reach 500 Exp by 31 Oct 15, and you must have earned at least 2,000 Rewards Central reward points (from any source) in the previous 12 months, from 1 Nov 14 to 31 Oct 15.

Points can be earned from online surveys, online shopping, completing offers and the guessing game at Rewards Central.

Exp is earned from completing the 10 Question Quiz, clicking on Rewards Central email, completing a survey, for doing online shopping, registering for offers, upgrading to Reward Central Gold, verify your account, redeeming reward points via instant cash out, donating points to charity, receiving a traditional cash out and for signing into rewards central each week.

Click Here to Join Rewards Central 

Its also a good idea to join My Opinions when you join Rewards Central as you can transfer points from My Opinions into Rewards Central which can make it quicker to earn a reward which also helps you to earn exp faster at Rewards Central.

Click Here to Join My Opinions 

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