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Select Opinion Leaders

Doesn’t seem to be paying out at this time advise use caution if you sign up to Select Opinion Leaders.

Select Opinion Leaders is a great survey site, available to both Australians and New Zealanders. Select Opinion Leaders offers online surveys as well as focus groups which can pay anywhere from $40 – $300 depending on how in depth the focus group is and how long it takes. Select Opinion Leaders is a great panel to join if you are interested in doing focus groups or you can just join for the online surveys.

Payout: Cheque or EFTPOS Gift Card

Non Qualify: 10 Points

Minimum Payout:  2300 Credits for a $20 Cheque.

They also have another panel, Apple a Day Research
which focuses on health and medical studies.

  1. Henry permalink

    Interested in what your experience with SOL has been like? Focus groups sound great but being in South Aus I could see myself being overlooked for studies in Melb/Sydney… Would this site be worth doing just for the surveys? and how many surveys would you get a week through them?

    • Hi Henry,
      SOL is more invloved in product testing and focus groups, so they dont send out that many surveys just now, but they are still a newer survey site so that can change in the future. Being is South Australia doesnt mean you will be over looked it depends on the clients requirements on where the focus groups will be held. Previous focus groups have been held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, and im sure other places as well.

  2. Fay permalink

    Should have read your comments about this site before I joined in February of this year. All I ever had from them was an email to update my profile but so far no surveys. I live in queensland but don’t know if that will make a difference

    • Hi Fay,
      Everyones results will vary for each survey panel, its hard to know which survey panel will be the best fit for each person, so i recommonded to join as many as you can and stick with the ones that are working best for you.

      • Fay permalink

        Yes, I have done, but this one is a puzzle.

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