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Purkle Review (Formerly Nine Rewards)

Purkle is the new name for Nine Rewards as from October 2016. Apart from the name change nothing else seems to have changed apart from the purple theme on their new website.

Once you join Purkle you can complete surveys and click on occasional advertising emails to earn Purkle dollars.

 Nine Rewards has been a great site with regular well paying surveys and paid to click mails and i think that will still be the same with their new name Purkle.

   Nine Rewards was previously called ticketek rewards, so with the name change to Purkle that makes 3 name changes that i know of.

Payout: Wish eGift Cards, Magshop Vouchers, Movie Tickets, Ticketek Vouchers, itune Vouchers, X-Box Points, Starlight Childrens Foundation Donation and now Jb Hi Fi E-Vouchers are available

Non Qualify: 20cents

Minimum Payout: $10

Join Purkle

  1. lisasalas permalink

    Nine Rewards is now Purkle

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