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Hiving Review

Its a bit unclear if the Hiving survey panel is still operating. Although i did receive a payment from them back in 2015. Back then the surveys paid very little so it wasn’t really worth the effort to continue with Hiving. Now my account cant be found, maybe because of lack of activity from me caused it to be closed.

Currently i cant recommended joining Hiving because of the low paying surveys and i am not even sure if they are still operating.

Hiving Fast Facts

Open to Australians 15 years of age and over

 Non Qualify: 100 Points

Payout: PayPal

 Minimum Payout: $5

Join Hiving


  1. Henry permalink

    Whats your success rate with this panel?

    • Hi Henry,
      Its a little slow at the moment, im hoping for it to get more busy soon as its new to Australia and might take a while before it really gets going but its good that you can cashout for a low $5.

  2. Shannon House permalink

    hiving is rubbish you need 4,000 points to cashout got 200 so far been signed up for weeks

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