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GlobalTestMarket to Become LifePoints

February 17, 2019

GlobalTestMarket will become LifePoints in early to mid March. Once GlobalTestMarket becomes LifePoints their may be changes to the rewards, so i would recommended everyone to make sure they cash out their points in GlobalTestMarket by the end of February.

GlobalTestMarket to become LifePoints

I will let everyone know of the new reward system in early to mid March.



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  1. Anna Ryan-Punch permalink

    Supposedly MySurvey was doing this by January too, but no sign of the changeover yet…

  2. Gday Anna Ryan-Punch,
    Thats why i thought i was not receiving surveys from MySurvey, but they told me it was because i accessed their website overseas, which i never did, you have to wonder when before they restricted my account they were still sending surveys asking if i still have a dial up connection!

    • Anna Ryan-Punch permalink

      *sigh* How useful. It’s still been working fine for me, I guess until they decide I’ve been overseas or something…

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