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KFC Survey get free drink and chips on your next visit (purchases required)

January 3, 2014

KFC Stacker Burger - Yum!

KFC is offering a free drink and chips by doing a short survey about your recent visit to there store.

You do need to make a purchase so this offer may not be for every one.

Here is how it works when you purchase anything at KFC you will be given a receipt.

When you get home or within 3 days of your visit go to and enter the details from your receipt.

 You will then be asked to do a short survey it will only take a few minutes.

At the end of the survey you will be get a validation code write that down on the back of the receipt

Then on your next visit to kfc (within 14 Days) if you spend $4.95-$19.95 you will get a free reg chips and drink, if you spend $19.95+ you will get a free large chips and drink to enjoy.


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  1. Vicki Turner permalink

    I always get friendly, helpful & quick service at all outlets that I frequent. The young assistants always have a smile on their face & use a pleasant voice. I feel happy every time I leave the counter. With the smell coming from the bag, I can’t wait to eat the delicious food. Chicken is crunchy on outside & juicy on the inside. Chips are hot & not too salty. The potato & gravy is the best of the take away stores. I shouldn’t eat it as much as I do because of the calorie count but who can refuse such tasty food???

  2. Fazz permalink

    Amazing food with great staff members

  3. Don permalink

    very good

    • Ernest Donner permalink

      Good friendly and prompt service received!

  4. rhonda permalink

    terribly slow service at this Kelmscott store. same problem each time I have been there. The in store service is extremely slow as all attention is given to the drive_thru. we have 2 other stores we can choose from so I don’t intend to go to Kelmscott again

  5. Vida Hills permalink

    Kfc young NSW is dirty and had the rudest staff on today . Will not be going back as this is not the fisrt time for rudness . Politeness and manners are free

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