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KFC Survey get free drink and chips on your next visit (purchases required)

January 3, 2014

KFC Stacker Burger - Yum!

KFC is offering a free drink and chips by doing a short survey about your recent visit to there store.

You do need to make a purchase so this offer may not be for every one.

Here is how it works when you purchase anything at KFC you will be given a receipt.

When you get home or within 3 days of your visit go to and enter the details from your receipt.

 You will then be asked to do a short survey it will only take a few minutes.

At the end of the survey you will be get a validation code write that down on the back of the receipt

Then on your next visit to kfc (within 14 Days) if you spend $4.95-$19.95 you will get a free reg chips and drink, if you spend $19.95+ you will get a free large chips and drink to enjoy.


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  1. Marion cooper permalink

    Had KFC in the new store Burpengary tonight. chicken overcooked and all the meal cold. You would think a new store only days old would be getting it right. just wasted $36.80

  2. Esther permalink

  3. Mike Creedon permalink

    i visited KFC Chermside on fri 21/4/17 at 12.15pm (note – lunch time) and ordered the zinger burger box meal only to be told that there would be at least a ten minute wait on the wicked wings. i told the staff member that i was not blaming her however surely the store manager or the kitchen staff should have noticed earlier that more cooked wings were needed. the manager agreed to allow me to pay for my meal and collect the wings when they were ready. matters became worse when my chips were cold and the counter staff forgot my coleslaw. very disappointed. many previous visits to this store have been excellent. mike

  4. Greg permalink

    I just went to KFC Dubbo East (25/4/17). I don’t know why I keep going back because they usually forget something. Normally it’s just dipping sauce or maybe potato & gravy or even chips, but this time they forgot my Original Fillet Burger. I shouldn’t have to check my order every time, that’s their job. It wouldn’t be so bad if this was a ‘one off’ experience but it happens time & time again.
    BE AWARE!!

  5. Noman khan permalink

    I’am working in Chadstone shopping center Melbourne victoria from last year December and from 1st day in Australia I love KFC as compare to MacDonald and Hungary jacks specially wicked wings,in starting at Chadstone KFC was very good but now for last I think 4,5 times I had very bad experience I don’t know what the staff is doing but the quality is getting down day by day only place is maintained their quality is Caroline shopping center KFC they are delicious but Chadstone shopping they keep disappointing me and also staff need some training of customer service,staff are too young they don’t know how to deal with customer and most of the time if I get a meal and I forget to pay the 50 cents supercharged sause they ask me rudely that you have to pay 50 cents that is ridiculous

  6. Arshad permalink

    I like KFC

  7. Graeme permalink

    we just love hot&Spicey every Tuesday we get 9for 9 but we get more wings & drumsticks .there are 9cuts from a full chicken why a we not getting more variety than just wings&legs

  8. Nadine permalink

    Nilay is good for service

  9. Paul Jaworski permalink

    I love KFC at Capalaba the food is always good and the staff are always super friendly

  10. Nadine permalink

    Mia has served us really well

  11. Nadine permalink

    Mia did a good service

  12. Arshad permalink

    I like KFC it’s good to have

  13. Arshad permalink

    Kfc is good food to be have

  14. Vicki Lynch permalink

    I have tried for 3 days to do your survey for a free go cup. All the info I provide is valid & correct. It says you have 30 days to respond. Thirty days is up on June 3. My receipt is for May 3. Today is 5/25, so I believe I have qualified myself for the survey. Maybe you don’t want your customers to have a free go cup. If that is the case, then stop printing it on the receipt. If not the case, then accept the info given and issue a validation code.

    • Hi Vicki Lynch,
      The free chips and drink offer is only available in KFC Australian stores, you will need to contact KFC in your country to see what offers they have.

  15. Ivan Knafelc permalink

    When I went into the store Ella was very nice and very prompt with the order I have chosen and was very polite as well

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