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KFC Survey get free drink and chips on your next visit (purchases required)

January 3, 2014

KFC Stacker Burger - Yum!

KFC is offering a free drink and chips by doing a short survey about your recent visit to there store.

You do need to make a purchase so this offer may not be for every one.

Here is how it works when you purchase anything at KFC you will be given a receipt.

When you get home or within 3 days of your visit go to and enter the details from your receipt.

 You will then be asked to do a short survey it will only take a few minutes.

At the end of the survey you will be get a validation code write that down on the back of the receipt

Then on your next visit to kfc (within 14 Days) if you spend $4.95-$19.95 you will get a free reg chips and drink, if you spend $19.95+ you will get a free large chips and drink to enjoy.


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  1. rhonda permalink

    terribly slow service at this Kelmscott store. same problem each time I have been there. The in store service is extremely slow as all attention is given to the drive_thru. we have 2 other stores we can choose from so I don’t intend to go to Kelmscott again

  2. Vida Hills permalink

    Kfc young NSW is dirty and had the rudest staff on today . Will not be going back as this is not the fisrt time for rudness . Politeness and manners are free

  3. Carmel Mackenzie permalink

    I do not frequent fast food places often as we Iike to look for healthy food. It was nice to be able to get salad and orange juice with the wicked and yummy chicken. The staff were very accommodating and cheerful .and service at this time was quick.

  4. H.LAMPARD permalink

    KFC Horsham in Victoria, the worst potato and gravy, all gravy, a bit of white at the very bottom, that must have been the potato. Only good if you want sloppy soup gravy to dip your chips in, no good if you actually want potato in it e.g. as side salad with chicken. Total rip off I guess its cheaper to bulk up on the gravy than give potato. They need to change the name to gravy with a bit of potato.

  5. Kelvin Brown permalink

    Newcomb vic kfc, chips had so much salt on them, I doubt if sea water would have been as bad, the chips were so inedible even the birds wouldn’t eat them, already have high blood pressure, I don’t need any help to have a heart attack, definitely won’t be going back there again, I’ve had bad food before but never this bad, rating -10.

  6. Evelyn permalink

    KFC at Sans Souci has got to be the worst store for not giving you what you ordered. Ordered Pepper Mayo sliders & got aoli sliders which are totally different as one is battered & one is not. Sweet chilli twisters are always getting the wrong sauce on them also. At the drive thru they don’t give you a serviette, spoon for dessert or even a receipt.

  7. Arshad permalink

    Nice food

  8. Kiah permalink

    I always get friendly, helpful & quick service at all outlets that I frequent. The young assistants always have a smile on their face & use a pleasant voice. I feel happy every time I leave the counter. With the smell coming from the bag, I can’t wait to eat the delicious food. Chicken is crunchy on outside & juicy on the inside. Chips are hot & not too salty. The potato & gravy is the best of the take away stores. I shouldn’t eat it as much as I do because of the calorie count but who can refuse such tasty food???

  9. Barbara Paton permalink

    Nice surroundings thoroughly enjoyed meal

  10. jo allen permalink

    really enjoyed your new chicken annd cheese that i saw on the footy show thank you

  11. John permalink

    Hi .
    You should keep the tower Burger on the menus or have it to build available.?

  12. Gill madhan permalink

    Visited kfc rowville vic drive through Friday night. It was quite busy. Service was very good. Girl who took the order was very clear and the service was quite quick considering it was busy. Meals were tasty too.

  13. Lance permalink

    Gear customer service and food was tasty thanks

  14. David hua permalink

    Services good,on ly a few store have H&S

  15. David hua permalink

    Not every Store have H&S

  16. I like Original Twisters but they have way too much salt, pepper and mayonnaise. In fact pretty much everything at KFC has too much salt! I’m really thirsty for hours afterwards as my body tries to flush it away. Cmon KFC, be more health conscious and look after your customers.

  17. Judith Mortimer permalink

    we just bought a family pack, there were no serviettes, wipes or spoons. the chicken was tasteless and over cooked. chips although hot were soggy (my dogs enjoyed them) The coleslaw was all mayo and hardly any veg in it. very disappointed with the visit . KFC is not what it used to be.

  18. DEBRA FYFFE permalink

    We would just like to let you know that tonight we ordered a meal through the drive through, a couple of things were missing and we went in store to let them know and to collect the missing items. We were served by Ashleigh, who in all my years in retail, as a manager and staff trainer had the best customer service i have come across, she sorted the issue within minutes explained how the error occured was most appologetic and had us fixed up happy and on our way within a short time, observing her with the customer before us i could also nor fault her customer service. This was KFC Paralowie @ 8.45 pm 1/11/18. Hoping this is passed on to her manager. Deb and Michael Fyffe

  19. Dave MORTIMER permalink

    You might consider bringing back the 9 for $9.95 meal

  20. Tanya Hicks permalink

    Love kfc nuggets

  21. GAIL BRITTON permalink

    visited Kfc in Albury today, was served by a very helpful young man,food was lovely as always.

  22. Ian Jeffrey permalink

    Visited KFC Maryborough , Staff very helpful and food nice and hot

  23. OLIVER permalink

    Went to KFC Gunnedah waited 10 mins and still got the wrong order BY OLIVER
    9 years old.

  24. Tony Charles permalink

    Orders a 9 piece pack, very good, will have again.

  25. Tony Charles permalink

    Had a 9 piece pack, very good, will have again.

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