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Ultimate List of Survey Sites for Australians

Easily Find Out how much a survey is worth using the chart below:

Website Non Qualify Pay rate Min Rewards
12 BlokeVote 10 Points 0.0075 $25 Gift Cards Review Join
19 Field Force None 1 $17 PayPal Review Join
8 LiveTribe 160 Points .00135 $10 Pay Pal, Gift Cards Review Join
10 5 Points 0.00909 $5 Gift Pay, PayPal Review Join
11 Prize Draw 0.01 $20 Gift Cards Review Join
1 Prize Draw 0.02 $10 Gift Cards, PayPal Review Join
2 20 Cents 1 $25 Direct Debit Review Join
5 RewardsCentral Prize Draw 0.00909 $5 Direct Debit, Gift Pay Review Join
7 Select Opinion Leaders 10 Points 0.009 $20 Cheque, Gift Cards Review Join
18 Spider Metrix Prize Draws 0.15 $30 PayPal, Gift Cards Review Join
4 Prize Draw 1 $20 Gift Cards Review Join
9 Prize Draw 0.1 $20 Gift Cards Review Join
13 Swag Bucks Not Known 0.01 $5 Gift Cards, Paypal Review Join
14 10 Points 0.007 $20 Gift Cards Review Join
15 Toluna Prize Draw 0.0003 $20 Paypal, EFTPOS Card Review Join

  1. Eugene Palaszczuk permalink

    The global test market website has disappeared. The surveys keep coming but no access to rewards.

    • Hi Eugene, the GlobalTestMarket Website hasn’t disappeared if you are having trouble viewing the website i would suggest go to internet options and delete your cookies and browsing history then try to access the site. Hope this helps.

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